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No Spend Challenge #2(August)

August 6th, 2018 at 04:57 pm

I have completed my No Spend Challenge #2 for the month of August. It wasn't a complete win. Last night I ordered something from Walmart. It didn't even dawn on me until just a few minutes ago that that broke the challenge. It proves to me how reckless I have been with my spending habits. I spent it without even thinking about the no spend challenge. The items I ordered are to complete a project I am working on. I was just in the "lets get this done" zone. I have got down not spending in a true store during the challenge time periods, but the online shopping is proving to be a little bit more difficult. I have that app(Icebox) on Amazon and that has greatly reduced that spending. But it is the stores that don't have that feature that are getting me. Granted there have only been 2 purchases during the challenges and that is a great improvement from where I was before i started these challenges. I guess a little improvement at a time is better than no improvement at all.

I plan to go to the grocery store today. I have my list ready. And do well when I go with my list. I also need to get gas...I managed to make it through the challenge without getting gas.

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