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Trip was under Budget

April 12th, 2010 at 08:44 am

Our trip to Nashville ended up being will under budget. I had budgeted $300 for the trip, including gas, eating and hotel. The trip came in at $250! It required less gas than I thought and we didn't eat out much.

I might have to dip into the savings account for contacts. One fell out of my eye this morning and I have no idea where!

Ex-husband is taking advantage of the tax credits and purchasing a new home. He is going to file an amended return which means I will have a credit of about 5K coming to me(the amount he is in arrears)! That would be awesome! I could completely pay off my credit cards and still build my emergency fund!I probably won't see the credit until at least June, but it is something to look forward to.

Been Gone a While

April 9th, 2010 at 11:02 am

I have posted in a while, but I am still here! Alot has been happening with the move and all. We are getting settled in the new house, but it doesn't feel like home yet. I am sure it will get there!

My budget has been really good lately. I have managed to save $300 in my emergency fund and $180 in the kids savings accounts. Hopefully things will continue and I won't have to use any of that money. I am getting a fence though for the dogs and might have to dip into the savings account for a little of it.

Heading to Nashville tonight for a cheer competition tomorrow. Budgeted for it, plus my sisters contributed to the cause with $100 each! That was how much I budgeted so basically it isn't costing me anything to take this trip!! I have enough in my fundraising account to pay for the hotel.

Still working on my credit cards...made an extra payment today. I have minor set backs on them, but I always make an extra payment when I do. I am paying off everything I charge on them and then some.