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Prescription Savings!

June 30th, 2009 at 06:00 pm

I just switched my prescriptions to the online service my health insurance offers. Right now I pay $30 a month and every other month there is an additional $35. The service will send me a 90 day supply of my monthly medications for $28.84!! That doesn't include the $35 prescription every other month, but if I can get that changed to the generic, I could save money there too! That is huge savings! I am exxcited that I found this avenue to save money!

Very Cheap Weekend

June 29th, 2009 at 04:06 pm

I didn't do much this weekend and spent even less! We had a donut fundraiser Saturday morning. Sunday I didn't do anything except work! I spent $7.77 at the Grocery store and $19 at CVS for cokes. We ate at home each night. I am actually kind of excited about cooking at home, planning what we will haave(which reminds me...I didn't take anything out for dinner tonight!!!). I have a meal in a box that I can cook...I keep them around for stand by!

Payday is Friday...if I can just hold out until then!

In Shock!

June 26th, 2009 at 03:35 pm

I am in shock about Michael! It is just so unexpected! I remember when Thriller debuted(?). We made a big party out of it! WOW...that was so long ago!

Nothing really new financially. I am trying my best to not spend any money and seem to be doing well. Except for the breakfast yesterday, I haven't eaten out. I have made dinner every night for two weeks, with the exception of one! I even made hamburgers for DH last night and I don't eat them! The kids weren't home. Change in medication has really done me good!

Lack of Planning for the Unexpected

June 25th, 2009 at 02:16 pm

Okay...I stopped at Mcdonalds this morning for breakfast. Here is what happened. I was supposed to take my daughter and her friend to my mom's house. She usually feeds them breakfast. I haven't bought any breakfast food in a while since we aren't there except for the weekends for breakfast. But this morning as we were getting ready to leave, I remembered the my mom had a doctors appointment and I couldn't take the girls there. Since we had nothing for breakfast, I had to get them something on the way. THAT SUCKS!!! I guess the lesson is to always have something quick in the house for breakfast! This puts an end to our no eating our record. That really sucks...

Hard Decisions about Loved Ones

June 24th, 2009 at 05:03 pm

Hubby went to work today(first time this week) only to be told that they still didn't have any work for him! Frustrating! But since he was there, they went ahead and let him do some stuff. UGGGG!!! Not making my life any easier!

I ran out of bagels at work yesterday. I almost stopped and got breakfast this morning because it was easier....but I Didn't! I stopped and refilled my bagel supply. Very proud of myself. The eating at home continues which is approaching a record!

Now, to the hard decisions and advice needed. I have two different family issues going on.

My older sister has always suffered with depression and other illnesses. She is a hypochrondiac who happens to be a nurse, not a real great combination! Anyway, she has been having breathing problems for years but can't get a diagnosis that will allow her to be on disability. But she is hoping to get that when she has some tests done next month, as she is on temporary disability for corporal tunnel surgery right now. When I took her home this weekend, I was horrified by her house. She has always been a pack rat. She will not throw away a news paper article because there is probably a reason she kept it. When you walk in the front door there is a path in the boxes that were never unpacked to her bedroom. The boxes have been piled with junk. She can't even get to the kitchen. on the threshold to the kitchen was pile after pile of dog poop...apprently she doesn't have the energy to take the dog out when she needs to go. She gets out of energy just walking to the car and has to sit down and can barely breath. I am thinking that her living conditions are contributing to her breathing issues. Here is my dilemma...I don't know how to go about an intervention. My parents are in their 70's and 80's and I don't think would be much help...might even think I am rocking the boat...yes my family has never caused waves. I tried when she moved to throw away stuff and she came behind me and dug it out of the trash. If she ends up on disability, she will never leave the house and it will only get worse.

My other issue is my dad. He will be 80 years old next month and is in great shape. Except his memory. He has backed into the garage door several time because he forgot to open it. Right now it is little things. But I called him this morning to ask him what he had planned for today and he said that he had to pick up "...ummm whats his name? Umm...stutter stammer...the fellow who paints." The fellow who paints is my brother. I am really getting worried about him as well.

I just don't know that I can handle both of these situations right now. Neither one will be easy.

Payday Friday and already broke!

June 22nd, 2009 at 08:03 pm

Yup...its true. I brought home over $1100 on Friday. And it is gone. I have $12 in the bank. The only consilation is that things are getting paid. Only $21 of that was spent frivolously. I got groceries, paid the power bill, the satelitte bill, the mortgage, $100 toward a credit card,, which was $40 more than the minimum, got gas and monthly prescriptions and paid toward two medical bills. So although I look bad on paper, I am making progess. One of my medical bills will be paid off next Friday. Can't wait to actually see the 0's there.

My prescriptions came in $30 less than I Had budgeted. That would be great if I could actually take that $30 and put it in savings, but I need it for gas.

Once again, I don't know how I am going to make it through the month of July...but somehow it will all work out. I have said that probably each month since I have been blogging and each month, it manages to work out.

I am very excited and proud of myself for making dinner at home all last week, except for Friday. I even whipped something up last night with little preparation or planning. Since I went to the grocery store and bought wisely, I have things to make without having to spend too much time figuring out what I am going to make! I left this morning with a roast in the crock pot since we won't get home early tonight. You guys just don't know how much of an accomplishment that is for me. I haven't cooked regularly in years! I should have had my medicine changed around a long time ago! I am staying up later, getting up better, and actually doing stuff around the house! WOW what a difference!


June 19th, 2009 at 07:17 pm

I made it to pay day! We haven't eaten out at all this week! I am so proud of the fact that I have made dinner every night! I had a crock pot meal ready last night when we got home! Will go to the grocery store tonight probably and get more dinner fixins...

I volunteered yesterday to drive to Atlanta to pick up my sister so she can spend fathers day with my parents. She can't drive right now. But then I remembered that my DS16 doesn't have to be to work until 4:00 so he could drive down there and get her. It was his first trip to Atlanta by himself. I wrote down the directions with landmarks. She only lives about 2 blocks off of the interstate, so it should be a straight shot. My sister lives on the northside, and somehow he ended up WAY south of Atlanta. A trip that should have taken 1 1/2 hours took him 3 hours! It was just too funny!!! I am just cracking up! I guess the city is just too much for that country boy!

Payday Tomorrow

June 18th, 2009 at 05:13 pm

Tomorrow is payday. I already have everything set up in my bill pay, so there isn't really anything to do, other than give my dad back his money. I am optimistic about being able to get everything caught up in July. It is a three pay day month, so I don't know why I wouldn't be able to. But it seems that it isn't going to be as easy as it should be! But I think it will happen.

Would like to go see UP this weekend, but don't know that we will make it.

Yesterday was Good...

June 17th, 2009 at 04:41 pm

I spent 9.65 at the grocery store and 3.00 for drinks. I forgot to take my daughter water to tumbling so I had to get her something. Important lesson! Take her water or her face looks like a strawberry!

My parents stepped in to by my son a battery for his car. They felt bad because when it was their car they had problems with it, so they felt like it was probably defective. He is getting on my last nerve about this car. He doesn't like it and makes any reason that it isn't going to last much longer. He just seems very ungrateful. I mean he paid for the car, but he had a nice car that he wrecked! Whose fault was that! Anyway, he is driving me crazy! He acts as if he is owed something...just like his father! UGGGHHHH!!!! Will he ever grow out of it????


June 16th, 2009 at 03:33 pm

Yesterday was a NSD!! YEA!! Had to stop this morning and get bagels to keep at work so that I have breakfast and don't have excuse to stop and get something.

On a more personal note, I have been very tired lately and not able to get up off the couch for much of anything. I went to doctor a couple of weeks ago and we changed around some of my medication and I am feeling much better! I am keeping the house cleaned and even working on other projects! I am so glad! Last night I cleaned most of the "piano room". It has turned into our junk collector and I had had it! So it is not cleaned, just need to dust the piano. It is so nice to come home to a clean house again!!

No More Gnats!!

June 16th, 2009 at 12:23 am

A while ago I posted about the gnats that had taken over my sink. I tried everything that was suggested and nothing worked! But I bought this thing at Ace Hardware that has gotten rid of them! It is like a fly strip, but it is in a hard plastic case so it doesn't look as bad. I think it is called pest away or something like that. It is a miracle worker!

DH and the Grocery Store!

June 15th, 2009 at 05:06 pm

Today will be a NSD! I don't need anything so that is good. I got stuff for dinner all week, so everything is planned!

I sent DH to the grocery store last night as the store I normally shop out was out of my laundry soap. He had a list of 4 things...laundry soap, dryer sheets, hamburger buns, and milk. He ended up spending $50. He got some fresh fruit and other things that will be good. And he got 2 gallons of milk instead of one. Hopefully we will drink it all before it goes bad!

I got some OT on my check for Friday, so I am closer to meeting my budget. When I borrowed money from my mom last week, she asked when I was going to be straightened out. I told her July since it was a three payday month! I can't wait! I hope to have everything caught up by then. It will be close, but I think I can do it.

Weekend spending

June 14th, 2009 at 10:10 pm

This has been a very good weekend, budget wise. We went to the dirt track races last night. We shouldn't have gone financially, but I promised my dd that we would go last night. I spent no more than I had planned so that was good. I am learning to resist all of the souvenirs and things that they put out hoping you will buy them!

Haven't done much today. I did my laundry yesterday so I don't have any to do today, except for towels. I swear our towels are disappearing! I just washed some on Friday! Will have to put more towels into the future budget.

Grocery Shopping

June 12th, 2009 at 11:39 pm

I am so proud of me! I went to the grocery store and only spent $68!!! That is awesome! I don't have alot of money to get by until next Friday(had to borrow from dad) but we were desperately low on food! I got enough meats for meals for the week, a meal in a box, and a few other salad things. Mix in some frozen vegetables and french fries and call it done! I am extremely proud of myself, especially since I was hungry when I went! I didn't cave for what we didn't absolutely need, which is unheard of!!


June 12th, 2009 at 03:22 pm

Yea! I made it to the weekend! I put $10 more gas in my car this morning...just enough to get me to work and back! Can't wait for payday next week! I think I am going to have to borrow some money from my mom until Friday. UGGGHHH!!! At least I am in a position to be able to pay her back, used to not do that. I would "borrow" money with no ability to repay. That at least feels good.

Those of you who follow my blogs know of the struggles I have had with DH's finances. He is in the same boat as me this week...completely broke! He acts as if I should be giving him money to get to work...I don't have it either!!! He really isn't making enough to cover his gas and expenses to get to work, so I don't know why he continues to work there. I told him about a store opening that was taking applications, but he didn't apply. I think he likes the drama. But...he came home the other day and asked how I would feel about him going into business for himself. Seems that there is a business for sale on the lake for $12k. It really is a good deal for all the equipment and stuff but neither he nor I have 12K. He asked last night how hard it would be to get a small business loan. Given both of our credit, I would say impossible. Plus I just don't think he has the business sense to work for himself. That sounds terrible...but given his financial struggles, I just don't think he could handle it. Plus he would insist on having his brother(leech) work from him which would not be good. Anyway, I just think it is best that he can't get the money to do it.

I resisted!!!

June 11th, 2009 at 02:05 pm

Yesterday, I had been thinking about going to pizza hut for dinner. I know that I don't have the money for it...but was going to go anyway and then worry about covering the check later.(This is part of my problem!) I had already made up my mind and was going to go! But I didn't! I went home instead and made a salad! I was very proud of myself. I know that this is the decision I should have made and I shouldn't be proud of doing the right thing, but it is hard for me to resist.

Put $10 worth of gas in my car yesterday and today. Just enough to get me through until tomorrow. Man, I hate being like this. Good news is that according to the budget I have laid out, I will be out of this mess by the end of July...since July is a 3 paycheck month. I can't wait!

Finance company called for DH again last night. Said that he needed to call before it went any further legally...I am thinking how much further could it go??? You already turned it in to the sheriff as if he was hiding the car(NOT!!) So I am thinking that they didn't indeed turn it into the sheriff. That would be good!

That same collection agency that I have been dealing with called me yesterday about a different account. I told them that I had made a payment with a note telling them how I intended to make payments...she said no on authorized that. I said I know, but that is all I can do. She verified the last 4 of my social and said thank you. As if that is going to scare me! Put it on my credit report....still doesn't mean that I have any more money to give you!

All in all, I am feeling pretty upbeat given the daily cirmcumstances right now. I see a light at the end of the tunnel if I can just get there!!!

Nothing really new

June 10th, 2009 at 03:50 pm

Nothing to update today. I stopped and got dinner last night for DD and her friend. We didn't have anything to eat here. Really need to go to the grocery store. I ate a salad when we got home.

I only havea bout $15 to last until next Friday! YIKES! I can make it though. Just have to resist the temptation to eat out, like last night. I knew what I had in the bank, but yet I still got them food. I just am not disciplined enough yet. We are supposed to go to the dirt track races this weekend...DH will have to pay, because I don't have it! I know, we shouldn't go, but I think that it is important to do things with the kids. I grew up not really remembering doing anything with my parents and I don't want that for them. We have been planning this for a few weeks. But if he doesn't have it, than we will have to cancel. Just hope it doesn't come to that!