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Surgery Postponed

October 31st, 2013 at 08:01 am

The Dr called me this morning to let me know that there was a scheduling error with the operating room and it wasn't available for November 11. I could either go this coming Monday or December 2. I chose December 2 because there is no way I could prepare my work for me to be gone for 3 weeks in 2 days! Not happening! So now I will be in pain a little longer.

Went to the eye doctor this morning to get a prescriptions for new glasses. While I was taking my contact out I scratched my left eye. I have never done that before. It really hurts. And I couldn't do the exam! So I had to reschedule. Plus I can't put my contact back in so I am walking around half blind! HOpefully it will feel better by the time I head home so I can put my contact back in. My back up glasses are at home. In the meantime my eye is all red and puffy.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

Budget and other Misc

October 30th, 2013 at 09:16 am

Well today I worked on my budget through December. I wanted to have this done because I didn't know how groggy I will be through November after the surgery. I have set up all the payments to be made automatically on November 15th and 29th. And I have direct deposit. I will just need to log on to do a transfer each payday. I think even groggy I can handle that much without screwing it up.

Dr called yesterday about the pre-op appointment. It is scheduled for November 7...and by the way bring a payment of $342. I was able to come up with about half of it and asked my mom for the other half. I knew I was going to owe either the hospital or the dr but figured they would bill me after the surgery. Oh well...at least the dr is paid and I won't get a bill from him afterward.

Took DD to the ortho yesterday for her ankle. She hurt it again Sunday night. They took xrays and there is something that the dr didn't like. That and the fact that she keeps reinjuring it and it never really heals led the doctor to order an MRI. Great. They are calling to precert the test with the insurance and then will set up the appointment. She said they are usually around $600. But we have a $3k deductible so it could be any amount up to that I assume. Hopefully they will accept payments.

DS has started making payments on his car again since he is working good again. That is really a load off of my mind and really helps me out financially.

Kittens are Gone!!!!

October 28th, 2013 at 04:52 am

I dropped them off at the vet this morning to be spayed and nuetured and someone from the rescue group is going to pick them up. I never thought this day would come. I am going to miss them but I am relieved that they will be going to good homes. The organization is a 100% no kill group so I don't have to worry about that. Of course they had to be there at 7:30 this morning so I got to work at 7:45.(the vet is in the same town as where I work).

My weekend was a No Spend Weekend. Didn't even leave the house. I had had a headache since Thursday. I turned the heat off in the house and the headache went away. Probably not a good sign. We are going to change the filter and see if that helps. If not we will have to get the AC repair company out to inspect the furnace.

I am thinking of putting the trampoline on craigs list. My daughter has never really used it like I thought she would. Do you think $75 with them disassembling is reasonable?

DD sprained her ankle again last night. It instantly bruised up and became swollen. She had an appointment tomorrow with the ortho but I am going to try to get her in today. She is back on her crutches.

That is about all that is going on in my life today. Sorry for the wordiness!

Mail Order Prescriptions

October 24th, 2013 at 11:57 am

So Petunia got me thinking about getting my prescriptions through our mail order program. I have never checked into it before. But I found that I can save $122 over 3 months. That is over $40 a month! The problem is coming up with the money for a 3 month supply of all my meds at once, about $330. So I paid an extra $100 to the credit card and put the expense on there. Then when I would normally pay for the prescriptions I will pay the credit card instead. The prescriptions portion of the charge card should be paid off within a couple of months and I will continue to pay the normal payments to the card plus any extra I can come up with.

Checking Account Rewards

October 23rd, 2013 at 06:16 am

I got an email this morning that I had a direct deposit into my PNC checking account today. When I looked it is the $200 rewards for opening an account. That was quick! I was told it could be up to December before I got it! Now if this one survey company would hurry up and credit me the .30 to make $50 so I can cash it out I would be one happy camper!

I get to work from home tomorrow and Friday morning! There is not going to be anyone in the office and my boss just told me that I could work from home. That is awesome!

Financially...things are looking good until the end of November. I haven't done my budget past then. I will be able to cut some things out of my budget while I am recovering from surgery, like gas and lunch money.

I got all of my hair cut off last night. It is now shoulder length, about 6 inches shorter. I also colored it. I think I may have left the color on too long but hopefully it will fade quickly.

Survey Totals

October 16th, 2013 at 07:04 pm

It has been one month since I joined the two survey sites that I do.(well three but haven't received payment from one of them yet). I have made a total of $139.48. Plus I am on the verge of making another $50 as soon as the remaining 2.50 is verified, which should be any day. Not too bad for a little time spent while watching tv. $93.45 of that went straight to the credit card. Hopefully will be able to start putting the extra to the credit card again soon.

Surgery is Scheduled

October 16th, 2013 at 06:53 am

My surgery is scheduled for November 11. Now I just need to work out the logistics. I called the insurance and my out of pocket estimate is around $1500. The out of pocket maximum for my insurance is $1700. Yep I have pretty good insurance apparently. I am sure that whoever I owe the money too will work with me. Just another monthly payment.

Finances are on auto pilot. I am cutting it very close this week. Payday is Friday and I will be coasting in with about $4 left in my checking account. At least I am in the positive.

Funny start to my day(funny now, not at the time!) I drove the thirty minutes to work this morning and realized that I left my computer at home. So without even getting out of the car I started back home to get my computer. When I got home, the computer was not where I left it. I went and looked in the car and it was there! It was in my car the whole time!! I was so mad at myself. My gas is running short this week and now I may not make it until Friday!

Last Minute Expenses

October 9th, 2013 at 06:51 am

I have been pretty fortunate lately with the cheer expenses for DD. There haven't been alot of them. But last night I got a notice that the final $160 is due October 15. YIKES! I already have my budget done for this week and next and it doesn't include any wiggle room. I have moved some stuff around and will be able to pay it on the 18th. They will just have to wait until then. Needless to say all survey money will now be redirected to covering that expense.

I cashed in another 11.50 yesterday. The surveys I qualify for seem to have slowed down a little bit and the rewards on one site aren't as big. I guess that happens. But I will stay at it.

I also got a notice that the 3 week primetime survey I did has concluded and they will be mailing me a check for $50. I should have it in 14-21 working days. I don't think it will be here by the 18th but I can always hope.

Survey Link

October 7th, 2013 at 06:18 pm

Here it is...I finally got a link for the survey site I am doing. Use this link and I get credit when you complete your first survey. I have made $65 already on this one site alone. Let me know if you use this link.



** Not sure why it isn't showing up as a link, you might need to copy and paste in your browser.

No Surveys Today

October 5th, 2013 at 07:37 pm

I was gone most of the day to my neices housewarming party today so I didn't get a chance to check on the surveys all day. Than when I got home, I didn't qualify for any survey on either site! Bummer. I cashed in another $12 yesterday. That makes a total of $94 that I have cashed in since Sept 24. I have paid that amount to the credit card company. Not too shabby. Just hope that I can keep qualifying for surveys.

I have two doctors appointments this week. One with my therapist and one with the general surgeon. I really need to go to the therapist given my recent mood. I have still been really down.

DD is supposed to go visit her dad tomorrow. He said he would give her gas money if she came to see him. We shall see if he does or not. Still haven't heard from child support enforcement what it will go down to since he is now paying for health insurance. I am anxiously awaiting that information. I fear it will be bad for me.

DS started a new job last week. Same company, different location making more money. Hopefully he will be able to start making payments on his car payment and insurance again. That would really help me out.

Sent an email to Homeward Bound letting them know that the kittens are done with medicine and all are healthy. They will now try to find them a foster home. It will be weird not having them here...but I know that I can't take care of them.

That is enough rambling for tonight. I think I will head to bed now.

Extra $$ in my Paycheck on Friday

October 2nd, 2013 at 08:06 am

Friday's check is for the third payroll period of Sept so that means they won't be taking out any of the insurances. SCORE! Plus I had coded some OT wrong and wasn't paid correctly so they fixed that on this check as well. So all in all about $160 extra in my check on Friday. YAHOO!!! I would send it to the cc company but I need it to make my budget work for the next couple of weeks.

I cashed in another $10 in survey money today and set the payment up to the credit card company. That makes extra payments totaling $79.18 to the credit card company this billing cycle. Plus my regular payment of $50. WOO HOO!!