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April 27th, 2011 at 11:37 am

I had to use my credit card this morning. The brakes on my car were grinding really badly and I didn't want them to damage the rotors so I went ahead and had them done. I also had to purchase a replacment phone for my DD. She leaves next week to spend 1.5 weeks in DC with my sister and I didn't want her going into the city during the day without a phone. She dropped hers into a small creek at the old house. So Bummer. But I was glad that I had that much available on my card for the brakes at least...I consider them to be a minor emergency.

The renters in the old house have already paid their rent for May. They called me and told me that they had it earlier this week and I went and picked it up last night and deposited it into my account this morning. He is also doing a good job of getting the property cleaned up, which was part of our deal.

We are supposed to have some more severe weather this evening. I hope to make it home before it hits. I hate driving in heavy rain. I am having a boring day at work. I am the only here and having a hard time getting motivated. Will probably leave early.

That's about all for this update. Hope everyone has a great night!

May Budget is Done

April 20th, 2011 at 12:45 pm

I have worked through my preliminary May budget. Things are really looking good. I really hope this renter pays on the first of each month. I will be looking pretty good if they do. I will actually be able to make my mortgage payment in the grace period instead of just short thirty days. Then maybe I can start giving my parents some money for my current house and electricity.

My House is Rented!

April 20th, 2011 at 07:17 am

I listed my other house for rent in the newspaper and it is rented! I like the couple, young just getting out on their own. Hopefully everything will work out okay. Since this is my first time renting, I didn't think about references until it was too late. But I had them sign a month to month rental agreement so I can always make them leave if they don't pay on time. I am taking the security deposit and opening a savings account at a different bank than I have my checking with. That way I won't transfer it if I need it. My goal is to not use it for anything, just let it sit.

Borrowed Money

April 18th, 2011 at 08:54 am

Well, I had to breakdown and borrow $200 from my parents today. It really sucks. I went from having $600 in the savings account to having to borrow money. Of course it was good to have the money for the unexpected expenses, but I wish I still had it. I sent the ex a semi-nasty message telling him that I needed some money this week because I was having to borrow money to pay my bills and that I know he was having a hard time getting paid, but that I needed money anyway. I mean it isn't my fault that you decide again and again to work for your brother and eventually it comes to the point that he doesn't pay you. That is a decision he makes. I just need my money. He was supposed to go clean up the yard at the other house this weekend. I bet he didn't make it there. He always seems to get distracted.

I haven't had one call on the house for rent. I was sure that someone would call over the weekend. But nothing. My mom is not really pressuring me, but continually brining it up that I should try to sell it. I just am not sure I am ready to do that yet. I know I need to because I can't afford it, but I still feel like that is home. I don't feel like my current house is home yet. Does that make sense?

I have $40 to last until Payday on Friday. We don't need anything besides milk at home so I should be fine. And hopefully ex will give me some money this weekend. I can always hope. My budget for the next few weeks really sucks. So anything he gives me will make it a little better. I don't have cheerleading anymore so my gas and eating out expenses should go down. We ate out twice a week and I drove to Calhoun(about 60 miles one way) twice a week. I am excited about that fact that one tank of gas might last me a while.

Well, keep your fingers crossed about the money from my ex. Power of positive thought and all that...

Dump Run

April 15th, 2011 at 08:58 am

We loaded up a bunch of stuff and took it to the dump on Wednesday. Mostly boxes that didn't weight a whole lot so we were charged the minimum of $10. Then came home and made Mac and cheese for dinner. We got the upstairs cleaned and got rid of a bunch of clutter. Feels good to relax in a clean room.

I am going to be cutting it close this week unless ex gives me some money. I will probably have to borrow some from my parents to get gas. Needless to say I won't be doing my sale shopping this week. That's okay. We are pretty well stocked up on items. Do need to get some meat to have on hand.

Final cheer competition is tomorrow. I was excited about this because my daughter wanted to take a year off. But since the gym is splitting into two, she has changed her mind. I can't afford for her to do it, but I have asked the owner if we can make some sort of deal where I take care of her books in exchange for tuition and fees. She hasn't gotten back to me yet. But that should cover most of the expenses. Otherwise DD will have to take a year off and start again next year.

Listed the house for rent in the paper starting today. Hopefully someone will call about it and want to rent it soon. I could really use that money. If my ex were paid up, I would be pretty straight. But of course he isn't and probably has no plans to be caught up. I just have to keep hounding him so that he pays a little each week. If he sees what I am renting the house for he will probably be mad since it is less than he was paying. Hopefully he won't see that in the paper. Don't feel like dealing with that. He is supposed to go tomorrow and finish cleaning up the yard. Wonder if that will get done.

Rambling again....sorry.

My mom has breast cancer

April 14th, 2011 at 10:53 am

My mom had a lump removed from her breast last week and it came back as being malignant. She meets with the doctor later this week to discuss chemo or radiation. My doctor went ahead and scheduled me for a mammogram. My mom's lump wasn't felt but found on her mammogram. Everyone keeps telling me they are sorry. But I am not sure why. It isn't the death sentence it used to be and the doctor felt they removed all of the lump. Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet how serious it is.

I went to the doctor this morning to discuss the results of my blood test last week. My thryoid is off the charts. This explains my weight gain, failure to be able to lose any weight, fatigue, etc. I am excited to get on the medication and see if I can't lose some of this weight and have more energy to do things.

I have had a pretty spendy day already today. I had the copay for my general practioner, my copay for my therapist and my copay for my new prescription. $50. Ouch. I really need ex to give me some money tomorrow. Otherwise I will have to borrow some from my mom and dad until I get paid next Friday. That would really suck.o "Hi mom. I know that you are paying my mortgage and my power bill, but can you also loan me $200?" Suck big time.

I have quit smoking again. I haven't had a cigarette in a week. I think my mom's diagnoses is what I needed to stay quit. I haven't missed it. It was always just sort of a time killer.

Sorry to ramble on. I will stop now. Thanks for reading.

Back from Tampa

April 11th, 2011 at 08:10 am

We are back! But the kids had a good time. They went to Busch Garden's twice and hung out at the pool at the hotel. It was a long drive home, but they slept most of the way.

I sent over budget by about $50. That is okay as ex gave me $150 on Saturday. Still need to come up with some money for the competition next weekend. Not sure where that will come from. May have to borrow money from my parents so that I can pay to get in. But that is the absolute last competition for this year! And she is taking a year off. I can't wait! No more driving to Calhoun twice a week! Can you tell I am excited?

The doctor called with the results of my blood test. My thryoid is is extremely overactive. That would explain all the weight gain I have been experiencing. I have to go in Thursday to discuss the treatment with her and have blood drawn to repeat the test, just to be sure. If this is the case, I will be so exited to finally have an answer as to why I can't lose weight and just seem to be gaining. Maybe I will be able to lose some of this weight.

That is all for now. Might think of more later.

Busch Gardens

April 7th, 2011 at 11:16 am

I just purchased tickets for DD and friend to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa. It is coming out of the $500 I budgeted for the trip. After the hotel that leaves about $100 for food. I think it will be tight but we can do it. I will have to give them money to get something while at Busch Gardens.

Tomorrow is my payday. It is kind of a let down since I have everything already set up in my bill pay. As soon as this payday hits I will be planning the next one.

I have had a very productive day at work. Lately I haven't been motivated to actually work so things have been piling up. But today I opened 4 months worth of mail and got it all filed. I cleaned out my to do folder of most items. Still have some stuff left to do but at lease me desk looks better. And my to do folder isn't overflowing.

$500 From Sister

April 6th, 2011 at 08:58 am

My sister sent me a check for $500 to pay for our trip to Tampa this weekend. We have a cheer competition so it isn't a pleasure trip. I tried to arrange something for the week prior, but since the car engine thing I had to cancel that trip. Now we are just going for the weekend. I am going to let DD go to Busch Gardens with the friend she is taking. That way they won't be bored hanging out with me and my other sister all day Sunday. We will just leave late on Sunday to get home.

I am kind of slipping in the eating at home department. I ended up ordering Pizza Sunday and last night DD and I went out for Mexican. Was there any reason to? Nope. Other than I just wanted it. I have also stopped every morning this week for a McGriddle from McDonalds. Need to get a grip on these things and stop doing them before it becomes a major problem. It isn't like I don't have groceries at home, because I do. There was hamburger meat that needed to be cooked last night. My daughter did a hamburger helper, but used a frozen meat instead of the one that was taken out and thawed already. Will have to use it for something tonight.

The guy who looked at the house decided that he didn't think he would have the time to do things around the house for the reduced rent. So I offered to increase the rent to $500 and not worry about him doing stuff. He is supposed to call me tonight. I hope he takes it. I would rather not have to go through the rental process with strangers.

$40 until payday

April 4th, 2011 at 12:08 pm

I have about $40 left in my account until Payday. I think I can make it. I filled up my car this morning and still have $16 left in the budget for gas if I should need to top off later in the week. I don't have to drive to Calhoun any more this week so I should be able to make it on one tank of gas. This also doesn't include the cash I have in my wallet. $40. I have decided that I like having cash on hand for anything that might come up...like paying to get into the soccer game or something like that. I have been keeping cash and I like knowing it is there. I usually keep $60. I will have to replenish it this payday.

Broke down and ordered pizza last night. I was starving by the time we got home from cheer. It should all work out though because she doesn't have cheer the rest of the week we won't be eating out the rest of the week. Make sense? LOL

I did get to work this weekend and got some OT. Makes my check look real nice. Still can't put anything into the savings account but should be able to starting the next check. And if ex gives me any money than that can go in the savings account. Keep your fingers crossed that he will have some money for me. I don't "need" it but it should would be nice to have it. I called him and left him a message this morning and he hasn't called me back. I think he might be ignoring my phone calls....hmmmm. Will have to track him down another way. It just infuriates me. I mentioned to him that he should pay pro rated rent since he wasn't out on the first and he never responded to that. But technically they didn't even give me 30 days notice. Oh well. Lesson learned. Would have thought I had learned this one long ago! Cant depend on the ex...isn't that why I divorced him????

My daughter is going to start working out with me. I called Curves to see if she was old enough and they said she could come for an additional $10/month. SOLD! I will probably be more motivated to go if she is going with me. Can't wait for cheer to be over so we can start having a life again!

Aeropostale is on Sale!

April 2nd, 2011 at 01:34 pm

Got a notice from my coupon website that everything at Aeropostale is on sale 50%. We had a competition in Dalton today and Dalton has a mall...not like the mall of georgia or anything, but a small mall. And fortunately they have an Aeropostale(I know I am spelling it wrong, but can't get it right). We went in and my daughter bout $200 worth of clothes for $100. I had this money saved in the savings account that I have for her and one for her brother. I automatically have $20 per paycheck deposited into the account. So it didn't come out of my budget.

Went to see Hop last night. It was a cute movie. I don't know that I would see it again, but it was definately worth seeing once.

At work today doing some stuff to get some OT. I really need it for this week coming up. Hopefully ex will have some more money for me on Friday, but I am not holding my breath.

294.75 Is All I Owe!!

April 1st, 2011 at 07:15 am

I hadn't heard from the lady I was talking to yesterday so I called back this morning. The lady I talked to this morning said that the reason the number doesn't match the letter is because of the refund from dropping the classes and that the 294.75 is the correct amount that I owe. I still think there is something wrong, but I went online and paid it right away because I don't want them to take another look at it. So glad I had that much in my savings account that I could transfer!