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No Internet!!!

November 21st, 2011 at 05:11 pm

Well, since my mom came home from the hospital on Thursday, my sister and I have been taking turns staying with them. My sister did most of last week and since I took off work this week it is now my turn. So much for my staycation.

It is a pain to get my computer hooked up to the internet. She doesn't have a wireless router so I have to unplug her desktop and plug in my lap top. And reverse at the end of my session so she can check her emails.

Friday was pay day and I still have $1500 in the bank. Not sure what hasn't cleared but I know I don't really have that much in there. But is sure looks good on paper. I will make my car payment tomorrow.

Spoke to the renters and their son has the measles. They have been quarantined to the house for a week. CDC has to come to the house for a home visit. All this is to say that they can't meet me to get me the security deposit that they owe me. I am not too concerned. I don't get the same feeling that I had with the last renters. I have no reason to not believe them....yet. They should be able to meet me on Thursday or Friday.

Well I have to get off andhook my mom's computer back up. Will try to check in soon.

Mini Shopping Spree

November 17th, 2011 at 01:36 pm

I had a mini shopping spree last night. I had outgrown all of my long sleeve shirts(another issue that I am dealing with). So when I had to go to walmart for something else, I looked in their plus size department. I found some very cute shirts and sweaters. I got about 9 articles of clothing for right at $100. I think I did good and am pleased. Wish I didn't have to spend the money, but if I do at least I spend it wisely.

My mom got to come home from the hospital today. She is resting comfortably. I will go by and see her after work. We will still have to have someone there all the time because she is pretty much helpless. My weekend will be spent there while my sister is handling during the week since she doesn't work.

Going to the midnight showing of twilight tonight at the drive in. I will be nice and toasty warm in the car though. No sitting in chairs tonight.

Mom is in the hospital

November 15th, 2011 at 09:50 am

She was in bad shape Saturday morning so my sister called the ambulance to take her to the hospital, where they admitted her. her white cell count was extremely low. She needed 2 units of blood and had platlettes yesterday. She is doing much better, but until her white count comes up and she gets rid of the bacteria in her blood she can't come home. It was very interesting this weekend trying to take care of my dad and her. My sister went to the hospital and I stayed with my dad. he can't be left alone. My other sister came up and was with him on Saturday night through Sunday and my neice came up Sunday through today. I don't know what the next few days holds. I am off work next week and imagine that I will have to spend it helping my parents. Bummer. It was supposed to be my time to just veg at home.

I overspent this weekend. I thought I had like $249 in the bank and in actuality I only had $50 in the bank. I overspent by $25. Not too bad, but upsetting just the same. That is what I get for not being vigilant about checking my accounts. Sallie Mae hasn't taken out their payment yet so there is plenty of money in there right now and I have enough in my savings if i need to use my overdraft protection.

Spent all day yesterday in a seminar. I was kind of disappointed. I thought it would be more about financial reporting instead if the policies and procedures. Plus the workbook had a bunch of typos in it. That is something that just turns me off to something right away.

Additional Gas This Week

November 11th, 2011 at 08:21 am

I had to increase my gas budget for the week. I have been making so many trips to the other house that I it took almost my whole gas budget to fill up this morning. The car was almost on empty. It is usually at 1/2 tank when I fill up on Friday. Hopefully now that I have renters I won't have to make so many trips out there.

Met the new renters last night and got their rent for 1/2 of January. They are also going to give me the security deposit next Friday. They are planning to get the power turned on in their name so that is a plus. Seems the power company now offers prepaid power. Used to be in order to get power turned on you had to have a $300 deposit. With the prepaid power, you just pay $75 at a time and they call you to let you know when you are getting low. I think that is a great program! I won't have to worry about making sure the power is paid.

My mom fell out of bed this morning and we had to call an ambulance to check her out. She was fine, just a little sore. She is so weak due to the chemo right now that even little tasks become huge feats. My sister is staying with them today and I will stay with them tomorrow. My dad decided that he was "going home" again on Monday. This is becoming a common occurance with his dimentia. He keeps asking where his wife is staying and where the kids are. Please keep both of my parents in your thoughts.

SunTrust Caved on Debit Card Fee

November 9th, 2011 at 11:24 am

They didn't make it really public but they put an announcement on the website inside of online banking. If you didn't click on the messages you wouldn't have known they caved. I am so glad I didn't change banks now.

Have an appointment this afternoon to have the carpets cleaned at the rental property. Should be about $175. They are supposed to call me before they start to let me know for sure how much it would be.

Got two new tires yesterday and now the car is making a thumping noise, like I have a flat tire. I am taking it back to them this afternoon to find out what is making that noise.

I have to go help my mom this evening get her checking account straightened out. Since she is doing the chemo she isn't thinking clearly. She paid the violin/piano instructor twice for odd amounts and I want to make sure she hasn't done that with anyone else. I think I am going to suggest that if she wants to pay something that she has me set it up through bill pay. She can still keep her register and all that, but that way I can make sure that things aren't getting paid twice. My fear is that she is making mistakes paying people and isn't recording it all in the register. She would be just horrified if she was to bounce a check.

Then we are going to the grocery store. I have been putting it off since Friday. I don't know what is wrong with me. I usually enjoy going to the grocery store...I guess that comes from all the times that I couldn't afford to go to the grocery store.

Well that is it. Thanks for reading!

Found Renters!!

November 8th, 2011 at 09:09 am

I have new renters for the trailer. They are going to move in on Nov 15 so they will pay half a month's rent plus security. This is good. Really helps my budget. Things are looking good now through December.

I came out to my car yesterday morning and had a flat tire. The front tires are pretty bad anyway so I am just getting two new tires. My mom is buying them for me. I hate that but it is better then riding around on bald tires.

My sister had found a wood burning stove for me for $100. She lives in VA and brought it to me this last weekend. but it doesn't fit. It appears that it is too big for my fireplace. I gave her the measurements, but apparently there was a lack of communication on my part. Oh well. I will sell it on craig's list and make some good money from it. I also have a set of gas logs to sell that were in the house when we moved in, but not hooked up. My house is totally electric, but the previous owners had gas heaters around the house. I don't plan on having gas anytime soon.

That's about it for today. Hope everyone has a great day!

Rental Property Update

November 5th, 2011 at 02:25 pm

What a mess! The renters left the house and yard full of trash! I was so upset when I got over there. I kind of expected it but it kind of hurt my feelings, as strange as that sounds. I was good to them and this is how they treated me. Very upsetting.

I spent the morning trying to change the locks. I say trying because no matter what I did, I couldn't get the two parts to hook up. I eventually called my handy man(more on him later) to come put the deadbolts in. He charged me $20.

I got a card off the bulletin board at ACE hardware for Handy Harold. I used him to come take out my garbage disposal at my house. So I called him and asked him if could clean up the trash at the old house. I was expecting it to be around $200. He said that he would do it for $125. Score! He is coming on Tuesday to get rid of all the trash.

I need to make arrangements to have the carpets cleaned and will try to get that done this week. I will then spend next Saturday cleaning the house. Shouldn't take too long. Just mopping the kitchen and bathrooms.

Since I don't have the money to pay for all of these things that have to be done, my sister is loaning me the money to get the house back up to snuff. I will pay her back when I get a renter in the house.

I was supposed to show the house at 11, 12 and 1 today. The 11 and 12 didn't show up and the 1 was kind of rude. Not sure I want him in the house. Then someone else that had been there yesterday called me and wanted to see the house again. So I went and let them in. Seems very promising. They have to move by Thanksgiving. They were in their last place for 14 years and only moved because it was sold. So they seem like they could be long term rentals. I just got a good feeling from them. I sure hope they take it.

I will keep you updated.

82 Cents

November 4th, 2011 at 09:39 am

I made it to payday with 82 cents left in my checking account. Quite impressive. I didn't transfer any of the money out of my savings account.

My daughter has a cheer competition tomorrow in Columbus. It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from here. I don't think I am going to go. I am really torn however. I never miss any of the kids functions. This would be the first time. My daughter doesn't want me driving that far by myself and I can't find anyone to go with me. My sister said she would give me the gas money. DD is flying and I really hate to not be there in case something happens.

I am showing the house tomorrow at 11:00. The ad was in today's paper and someone called me at 9:00 about it. I hope to get a good response for it. I am going to go by there tonight to see what kind of condition the house is in...how much trash there is. I am hoping that they took care of all the trash bags in the yard, but am not holding my breath.

My budget looks good for the next couple of weeks. Then it heads south. Am hoping to get renters in there so that I can make my bills. If not I will have to do some juggling.

That is about it for now. Wish me luck with renters!

Went by rental property

November 1st, 2011 at 08:05 am

I went by the rental property last night and the renters are in the process of moving out. They weren't there but there was a car in the driveway and most of their furniture is gone. They still have until Wednesday to get the rest of their stuff. There is a big pile of trash in the yard. Apparently they haven't been taking their trash to the dump and instead have just been piling it in the yard. I will most likely have to deal with that. Lucky me. At least they have moved out. It amazes me that once they were told they had to move they most likely came up with security and rent for another place when they could have just paid me and not had to move. Just more proof that they were using me.

I have to call today to put an ad back in the paper.