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Change in Budget

March 5th, 2010 at 06:11 pm

I have made a slight change to my budget. I have been working on one credit card to pay off. Problem is when I get it low, I use it again(not discplined enough). So what I am going to do is focus my efforts on the other cards first, since I can't use them(closed by bank) every bit I pay them will stay paid. Therefore, I still plan to pay one off by the end of April, it will just be a different one. Make Sense? It seems like a good idea for me so that I am actually making progess.

Potential disaster averted again...cheer gym again...My mom sends a check each month for the tuition, but apparently the gym owner doesn't check the mail all that often. So they hadn't received the check so they charged my debit(which we are required to have on file). In order to cover this, I have to take an advance on the credit card(see above lol). While it feels good to be able to cover this without asking my parents for help, I wish I didn't have to take it from a credit card.

I am also coming out of my funk at full speed. Getting a perm tomorrow...my hair is so flat and lifeless. Cheer competition tomorrow as well. Started my diet today. WIll start working out once we get moved into the new house. Going to try to get the rest of the house packed up this weekend too. Big Plans..Big Plans...

Looking UP

March 4th, 2010 at 04:23 pm

I think I am coming out of my down episode. This one was rough. I gained a bunch of weight and was really down on myself. Once we get moved(next week already!!) I plan to start working out and eating healty again. I cleaned out the fridge last night in preparation for the move. It is extremely empty! Packing is still going slow, but hope to make a huge dent in it this weekend. I don't have to have everything packed, but it would be nice. The movers are only moving the large furniture pieces and we will move the boxes over the weekend. trying coordinate everything that needs to be done at the house if never ending!

My budget looks good for the next couple of pay periods. If all goes as planned(which it never does!) I should have another credit card paid off by the end of April. It feels really good to have money in the bank and not have to worry about possible NSF's. Everthing is paid on time and not late. Feels even better.