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Yeah Right!

January 30th, 2014 at 09:45 pm

So...the title loan place called me today to let me know that I could borrow an addition $1900 if I needed it. I politely declined while thinking to myself "you will be paid off soon...why would I add to it?"

Sent email to EX-H about child support. He wants me to drop the case with the state and just let him send me the check each week...apparently it will save him some money from the payroll company. I told him I didn't feel comfortable doing that. That I couldn't trust that he would put the child support above his other debts. I haven't heard from him yet but I imagine I will get a pretty hateful email or phone call. I am standing up for myself instead of letting him walk all over me. He can't bully me into doing anything anymore. I am afraid that he will threaten to drop the kids off his insurance if I don't do it. That would be cutting off his nose to spite his face. Since any plan I could get would be more expensive and he has to pay half of it, he would end up spending more money that he does right now. Hope it doesn't go that far though. Enough rambling...sorry.

Still haven't received all of my tax documents yet. This is the latest I have ever received them. Really can't wait to file and get some of these debts paid off!

Payday Tomorrow

January 23rd, 2014 at 08:50 pm

So Payday is tomorrow. I already have everything set up in my bill pay. So it is kind of a let down. But I can't wait to see the lower balances in my Quicken sidebar. The anticipation is awful! I am paying $300 in medical bills this payday. Just think when I get all of that paid off...it will be a glorious day! It will be like getting a raise!

To give you an idea of how far I have to go...I have $2823 in medical expenses to pay off. After this week it will be $2573($50 of the $300 is for current bills that I didn't bother to enter into Quicken as an account since I paid them in full). I hope to pay as much as possible per month to get this debt taken care of.

DS got paid today so he gave me his portion of the car payment and insurance so I went ahead and paid the credit card for the amount I had to charge this week to make it to today. At least I am able to pay it back right away and not carry a balance...anymore than what was already there anyway.


January 19th, 2014 at 02:59 am

Today was a NSD. It helps when you don't leave the house. DD and I had gotten on a kick of getting BK for breakfast on the weekends. But lately we haven't been doing that. Go Us!

Ordered some make up tonight from Mary Kay. They have the only foundation I like. Going to start with just a little foundation to cover the brown aging spots, some mascara and some lipstick. Then I might add in some eye shadow eventually. I will get the mascara from CVS where it is cheaper. Probably should have waited but once I get an idea in my head I go with it. There was enough left over in my checking account to pay for it.

Dish network came out today to investigate why my local channels keep going out. He found a loose wire on the outside of my house. Visit cost me the $7 maintanance plan and a $15 visit fee. I signed up for the plan for 4 months because without it the visit was $95. Even after paying for the plan I still come out ahead.

Other than that it has been a quite Saturday. What have you been up to?

Look of Shock

January 17th, 2014 at 06:18 pm

It has become a thing in the office for the 4 of us to go out to lunch on Friday. I went last Friday. But today I said no. When this one particular person asked me why, I told her that I only had $18 in my fast food budget until next Friday. Deer in headlights. You would have thought I had two heads. I had to explain that I had money for groceries and gas but that I was trying real hard to stay within my budget. She is lucky that her budget is never really reached. She can pretty much spend what she wants, she just never really spends that much by nature. And yet she still complains about having to go to the ER(and paying that bill) when she was having chest pains! I just don't understand her.

Anyway, I was proud of myself for resisting and eating the lunch I brought.

Credit Score and Foreclosure

January 16th, 2014 at 02:06 pm

I went to credit karma last night to get my credit score. Last time I checked it was in the 450 range. But last night it was up to 619. The only thing I can figure is that the debt to income ratio is back in line again since I don't have the loan for the house anymore. I have paid my bills on time for the last few years and was wondering why my score wasn't getting any better. Now I think I have figured it out.

At least one good thing came from the foreclosure!

Tempting to Think About

January 15th, 2014 at 06:28 pm

I went to the tax site Looking Forward recommended and put all my information in. Somewhere along the way I entered something wrong and it showed a refund of $3700. Now I know this isn't right, but it sure is fun to think about what I would do with that much money!

I have to look at this site closer because they have me getting $500 less back than turbotax does. Not sure why, but I will figure it out! LOL.

Adjusted the WithHolding on my Check

January 8th, 2014 at 05:35 pm

It hit me as I was entering everything into TurboTax that I won't get the $1000 child tax credit next year since DD will be 17 and I won't have any rental income/expenses to write off. So I went in and changed my deductions from 5 to 3. Plus I have an extra $10 withheld out of each check. I also changed the state to 3 dependents with an additional $10 withheld out of each check. My state tax refund seems to get smaller and smaller each year so I am constantly afraid that I am going to owe something. We will see what it does to my check.

Heater Can't Keep Up

January 8th, 2014 at 12:46 am

Our outside temperature last night got down to -1. It is the coldest I ever remember it being in Georgia and I have lived here my whole life. BRRRRRR!!! But when I got up this morning, I went to turn the thermostat up to take the chill off a little more and it was 59 degrees in the house! And the heat was running. So after a phone call to my mom, I turned on the emergency heat. It didn't help any. I left to get my license renewed and it went down 2 degrees. I called my mom again and she thought that maybe the heat just couldn't keep up with how cold it was. So I turned the heat back to normal and waited. About 5:00 it finally got back up to 68 in the house! I am so glad I called my mom and didn't immediately overreact and call the HVAC company! Now I know what to expect if it gets this cold here again. I will know that I need to buy a space heater before the next cold snap!

OOP Expenses for Surgery

January 6th, 2014 at 07:25 pm

The expenses have been submitted to the insurance and I have a pretty good idea of what I will owe. Including the co-pays for visits before the surgery, my total oop is 1543.08. Not too bad for a full hysterectomy and repair of several small hernias.

I have a credit at one doctor that is sending me a check. When I receive that I will send it to the other doctor. Then when I receive the bill from the hospital I will set them up on payments. They are about $1000 of the total oop.

I could kick myself

January 6th, 2014 at 03:35 pm

I joined a gym about a year ago. I used it pretty regularly until the pain from the endometriosis got too bad. I thought we were coming up to the end of the term and I was going to cancel. I pulled the contract out and looked at it and I signed a 24 month agreement. What the hell was I thinking?

I am going to see if my doctor will write me a letter stating that I can't work out anymore due to the hernia that has popped back out. I surely don't want to go through another surgery. Wish me luck.

Looking Forward....Looking Good

January 3rd, 2014 at 09:57 pm

I am looking pretty good through the month of February right now. Of course things might change. But I can handle it.

I went into TurboTax and entered all my tax information. It says I am getting $1555 back federal and $103 back state. Of course these numbers might change once I actually get the documents to file. But whatever I get I am going to put toward the title loan. I should have it paid off by July. I can't wait! And I will have the hospital bill paid off by May. That is an extra $563 a month! I can't wait to see how much smoother my life goes once I pay off some of this debt.

I called the hospital today to see if they would make a settlement agreement for the balance that is owed. I figured that I have paid $3000 and only have another $800 to go so they should work with me. I was told that since the insurance made an adjustment that the amount wasn't eligible for a discount. That doesn't make any sense. If I didn't pay it and it went to a collection agency, they would make a settlement. UGGHHHH!! The troubles of trying to do the right thing!