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Been a While

October 31st, 2014 at 08:56 am

I am alive and well. I have recently started a second job so I don't have much free time to be on the computer and I have been swamped at my day job. I am working 5AM to 9AM at a local retail store and 9AM to 5PM at my day job. I am exhausted by the time I get home!! But I made some financial mistakes that make this necessary right now. Then if I can continue I will get some more debt paid off.

I have decided to do the Dave Ramsey method and am excited to get started. I will try to keep you updated as to how it goes.

DS has decided to move in with his father, who is a functioning alcholic. I am concerned that my son will start to drink too much. But financially he is very responsible.

DD is working and making a car payment to her grandma. We pass in the night most of the time since I am usually in bed when she gets home. She is senior this year and the expenses are killing me.

That is about all going on in my life. I will try to be better about updating.