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Looking okay for now

May 23rd, 2011 at 10:56 am

DH said that he is going to put $300 in my account tomorrow and just like that, my budget is looking pretty good through June. He will still owe me about $150 that I hope to get shortly. He also offered to pay the entire cell phone bill for a couple of months. That is almost $300 per month. I know huge bill...I got sucked into the data package thing on two phone lines. We have a total of 5 phones, and DH pays for 2 of them. As soon as my contract is up I am going to go back to a simple phone so I can reduce my monthly expense.

I haven't heard from that second job opportunity. I went up there Thursday because I thought I might have an interview(long story, but just know that the whole conversation with the lady was not clear so I got confused). She said she would call me on Friday to set up an interview on either Monday or Tuesday. I haven't heard from her. In the back of my mind I think she isn't going to call because I am so fat. When people look at fat people, they think they are lazy. That is a horrible sterotype. One of the articles I read said that it is harder to get a job the more overweight you are. Sad but true. So maybe I will hear from her maybe I won't.

My mom has an appointment tomorrow to get her radiation treatment started. It is just a precaution since they got all of the cancer out. I don't know if they will actually start it tomorrow of if she will just meet with the doctor. Will know more once she goes tomorrow.

My sister is getting all settled in. She is having my daughter help her unpack. Maybe she will actually unpack all of the boxes this time. Last place she lived the living room was full of unpacked boxes. And she lived there about 5 years. She went yesterday day and bought two new tv's since Dish Network wouldn't hook up just one tv at a time. But you can't get to where the tv is going to sit so I am not sure how she had that done. I am also not sure where she is getting all this money from. She is on disability and is living on a fixed income. Just hope she isn't overextending herself. She has never had good money management skills.

Thanks for reading...I know this entry kind of drug on.

No word on Job yet

May 20th, 2011 at 10:54 am

I went at 6:00 for the interview yesterday and apparently I misunderstood. She is supposed to call me to set up an interview that needs to be around 6:00. Oh well. It will probably be Monday or Tuesday. The position they are thinking of hiring me for is ticketbooth. Not the accounting job I applied for, but that is a daytime position. At this point, I will take whatever I can get.

Ex dh said that he is going to give me $300 on Tuesday and just like that my budget is looking okay. Which means that if I get this job, I will be able to put all of it toward debt payment, at least for the time being. I might need it for normal living as time goes on.

Today was payday but there is nothing really to do since everything is set up through my bill pay. I will have to go to the bank on Tuesday and pay my car payment(after my child support comes in). July is a 3 payday month for me. I can't wait because I will be able to breathe a little more. I can get my mortgage caught up, which it isn't extremely late, just not within the grace period. I should be able to get it back into the grace period.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Got an Interview

May 18th, 2011 at 11:46 am

The local playhouse called me this morning and wants to set up an interview for tomorrow. She will have to call me back on the time since it has to be in the evening. I am pumped. It worked last time so ya'll keep your fingers crossed still!

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

May 16th, 2011 at 10:31 am

I just submitted an application to the local community playhouse. They had an ad in the local paper for a part time office manager/accounting manager. Both of which I can do. I sent an email with my resume hoping that the job was something that could be done in the evenings. It would be perfect for me. Keep your fingers crossed that the job can be done in the evenings.

Thrifty Weekend

May 16th, 2011 at 09:38 am

I had a very thrifty weekend. I drove my parents to Midlothian Virginia for my niece's graduation. It was a long drive, about 8 hours. But the good news is that almost all of my expenses were covered. Whenever we ate out, they paid. And they covered all of the gas expense and hotel expenses. I just had a few miscellaneous expenses that I had to cover.

My ex didn't give me any money this week. I talked to him yesterday and he has started yet another job. He is getting paid $15/hour for now and when they start a new house he will go up to $20/hour. Or so he says. Things never seem to be what he says they are. And then he gets upset when things don't work out. I am just looking for the money that he owes me, around $500 dollars.

My budget for this pay day is in desperate shape. The first of the month expenses for June are killing me. I need to be able to cover them. If ex doesn't give me enough money I will have to borrow from my parents for like 3 days...from the first to the third, which is my payday. I really wish that someone would call me about my application. I so need the extra income.

Application Submitted

May 11th, 2011 at 01:14 pm

I submitted an application to the local grocery store for part time work. I really need to get a second job. Problem is that no one is hiring in this small little town. I am hoping that they call me. Just looking over my budget for May and June and I need help! That is without paying my mother anything for my power or my house. I feel worthless sometimes because I haven't been able to pay these things. I don't quite know why either. It isn't like I didn't have a house payment(which is now being paid by the renters) and a power bill as the old house and I always managed to get them paid. I am at a loss. And it isn't like I spend money like it is going out of style. I was hoping to not have to go to work at a fast food restuarant, but it is looking that I may have to. Bummer. But hopefully it won't be for too long. Until I can get some of this debt paid off and get a little bit in savings. I just don't get it. I am making more money than I have ever made before and I am still living week to week. Can someone please explain it to me???

Happy Mother's Day!!!

May 8th, 2011 at 10:55 am

I hope all the mothers out there are having a great day. My son took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden. We don't have one around here, but we were coming though Canton, which has one. We went to town to pick up some boxes from my sister that she didn't want the movers to take. So on the way back we decided to stop at Olive Garden. Apparently so did everyone else! There was a 30 minute wait for a table. We asked about the bar area and it was first come first served. So we staked out a table and waited for the people to leave. Had a real nice lunch, even better since he paid for it. Next we are going to a play at the High School that DD's girlfriend is in. Then to visit my parents after that. So a very good day indeed.

Lost Contact and This and That

May 4th, 2011 at 08:13 am

So my right contact fell out of my eye this morning as I was just waking up. I had it in my hands, but because they were just waking up hands, I lost it. I got up to put a new contact in my eye and lost it as well. I don't have any more contacts to put in so I am stuck wearing my glasses. I can't get an appointment until next Thursday! I will have to wear my glasses. While it isn't an emergency, these glasses are probably as old as my daughter (LOL) and pretty out of date. So I need to have my eyes examined and get some new contacts before we go out of town next weekend since I am driving.

Put my daughter on a plane yesterday. My sister paid for a plane ticket for DD to come spend a week and a half with them. Then we are meeting in Richmond for my nieces graduation. I am driving my parents. 10 hours in a car with my parents. Should be fun. At least it will be a free trip for me. My parents will by the gas and whenever we eat out, they will pay for it. Just wish it wasn't such a long drive!

Took my mom to the hospital this morning for her biopsy. They are testing to see if the cancer is in her lymph nodes. If so, they will take them out. If not, they close her up and send her home.Either way, she will be coming home today.

My budget looks bad for the end of May. Will have to hound the ex to get me some money between now and then. I hate to do that but I have found that is the only way I get any money. If I try to be nice than I don't get squat. Will be glad when he has paid all he owes me. Then I will have no reason to be in contact with him.

I bought a lawnmower a couple of weeks ago that I am going to have to take back. The pull starter string thingy won't come out. It is like it is stuck on something. So I will have to take it back. It sucks because we already put gas and oil in it! Plus our yard really needs to be mowed. The grass is so tall!

I guess that is all. Thanks for reading!

Not Much to Report

May 2nd, 2011 at 08:23 am

Things are floating along smoothly right now. I cashed in some of my personal days in order to make my budget for Friday work. No biggie. I had days left from last year. I never take time off and I don't call in sick.

I have managed to "lose" both of my debit cards in the last week. My suntrust one was misplaced and as soon as I cancelled it and ordered a new one, I found it. I still haven't found my paypal debit card. I have no idea where it could be. I remember putting it in my wallet, but it sure isn't there. I will request another one of those when I get my suntrust card in the mail. The paypal card is linked to my suntrust account, so it all comes out of the same place, I just find it convenient to have the two cards, in case I need to give one to my son to use for gas or something.

Took DD shopping this weekend. She leaves tomorrow for a week and a half with my sister and her kids. DD didn't have any shorts that fit so she had to get some. Also got DS a couple of shirts and a couple pair of shorts. The shorts were all too big so I will have to take them back tomorrow when I am in town taking DD to the airport.(my sister purchased her an airline ticket to get her there).

I have decided that DD will not be doing cheer leading this year. I need a year off from totally running. I know it is good for me to get out of the house, but I need some down time. Plus I just can't afford it, even with bartering my services with the owner, I would still have to come up with some money. She will stay in tumbling so that she doesn't loose that.

Well, that is about all that is going on these days. Have a great week!