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Big changes in my life...

November 8th, 2009 at 02:24 pm

I haven't been blogging too much. So much has been going on. DH moved out yesterday morning. Although it was what I wanted, it still was not easy. Now the doubt sets in...did I do the right thing...although I know I did. Financially, I will be better off. Last week alone, he used almost $100 of my money for gas. Not sure where his money went and he couldn't tell me. He felt like I was acting like this because I make more money than him. But I used to make what he made and I was able to keep my household running as a single mom. Anyway...today is my first day as a single mom again.

I realized that the people I have in my life are very good to me. My boss has been the most encouraging to me. I knew he was a great guy, but it has just been proven again. I told him everything that was going on, with my diagnosis and dh. He was very encouraging. I also asked him on Friday to consider giving me a long term loan to get out of the deficit that was coming up. I said I don't need an answer right now, but he said, I have thought about it and my answer is yes. No hesitation. He gave me a big hug...not a fake one, but a hold on tight one. I am really blessed. I haven't told my family yet that Chris moved out. I know they will be supportive, but my parents are from that "death til you part" generation no matter what. So they will be disappointed, but they will still support me.

With the loan from work, I was able to get everything caught up, even the cell phone bill. So everything is current. I am making progress on my credit cards, although not as much as I would like. We have groceries so we are fine.

I haven't told the kids yet, they are at their dad's this weekend. DD will have the hardest time. She was really close to him. So that will be another hard day.

But I am starting to get the house cleaned up and get back to myself and the way we used to live. Have a lot to do, but will do it one step at a time.

13 Responses to “Big changes in my life...”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I'm so sorry for all that you're going through. I'm glad that you have support from your boss & parents. You definately have support from us!

    Just take things one step at a time like you said. Take care of yourself!

  2. lizajane Says:

    Lots of hugs here as well. Best of luck telling your family and kids. They will want to see you happy, I'm sure. We're here for you.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) We are here to support you. What a great blessing from your boss! Take care of you during this life transition.

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    I'm so sorry, but from all you've written here, it does sound like it needed to happen. Good news about having so many supportive people in your life, and we're here to offer whatever support we can--this is a good place to talk about things you can't say as easily to a real person.

    Good luck!! I'm sure you'll find it much easier to get on track now.

  5. LuxLiving Says:

    Financial irresponsibility in a supposedly adult man is hard to understand. Especially when there are kiddos at your home needing support.

    I'm sorry for your troubles. Chin up.

    We're here if you need a shoulder.

  6. Ima saver Says:

    So sorry for all your problems. I hope things turn around for you real soon.

  7. Analise Says:

    You did the right thing. It sounds as if the relationship has been "toxic" for a while. Having such different financial philosophies can wreak havoc on a relationship, and you can only take so much. Not to mention he sounds controlling, and you don't need another "kid" to support.

    You have the support of everyone here and your loved ones, so you will get through this and come out even stronger. Your boss sounds like a gem.

  8. CouponAddict Says:

    I envy your strength in following through with what you know in your heart and mind is for the best.

  9. homebody Says:

    I support you 100%. My sister was married to the father of her kids who never worked and when he did kept the money for himself. Then she married again to a guy who basically sucked her dry financially. She finally wised up and got out and had to start over at 58!

    Hang in there! And I hate to say this, but I have asthma and it is cats that bring it on for me. I have two little terriers and my asthma is under good control on my maintenance medication.

  10. north georgia gal Says:

    Thank you everybody for your support. It sure makes a difference.

  11. fern Says:

    You sound like a strong person. Having doubts immediately afterward are perfectly natural, but with a little more time I think your feelings that you did the right thing will just be more certain.

    Kudos for pulling everything together so wonderfully for you and your kids.

  12. miclason Says:

    It is never easy, emotionally, even if you know it was the right thing. We are all here for you.
    Donīt worry, thereīll be better days ahead!

  13. Broken Arrow Says:

    I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope that this is the shape of better things to come.

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