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Ingles Shopping

August 28th, 2009 at 08:30 am

Well...I didn't do as good as I would have liked at Ingles with the coupons. Especially since I see some of the things I bought were on sale at Food Lion! Must remember to check each place before I shop. This is a learning process.

Anyway...I had 6.35 in coupons, 1.25 in doubled coupons and 26.20 in sale items. So the total saving was 33.80. I only bought items that were on sale unless I absolutely needed them. That fact I am proud of. But I still think I could do better. I need to find coupons for meats, chicken, beef, etc. I don't have any for them.(I know Whitestripe...more beans!! LOL) But I am on a roll...won't give up now.

That brings my monthly total to 94.41...not including the check for $13.49 that I will be getting back from Rite Aid. Pretty impressive for my first month of couponing...and the most important thing is that I am not buying things that I wouldn't have bought anyway!

Oh...almost forgot. I had to go to Atlanta yesterday and stopped at QT to fill up(paid 13 cents more a gallon...could kick myself but couldn't make it to jasper for the cheaper price...should have stopped on the way down.) Anyway...QT had pepsi 12 packs 4/10, making it $2.50/12pack. The cheapest I have seen in a while. I got 4 at QT. I thought I should have gotten more, the way our family goes through soda. I stopped at racetrac to get a snack and they also had pepsi products on sale, so I got 4 more. We are set on sodas now for a few weeks. YEA! I did not include those savings in my totals because I never pay full price for sodas.

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