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Productive Day

August 22nd, 2009 at 02:03 pm

Got up early this morning and went to a football game...it is the earliest I have been out of the house on Saturday in months! Felt good! Then I came home and started cleaning the kitchen. I have decided to break it into sections. I did the section to the right of the stove, the stove to the sink.. Will get up and finish the rest of that counter in a little bit. My sister told me to try the magic eraser...that thing is awesome!!! I am pretty discouraged though because my hand starts to cramp when I try to use the sponge! I am getting old!

My daughter needed new tennis shoes desperately. I couldn't fit it into my budget for the next couple of weeks...(Will have to use savings to get through next month). I asked my mom to buy her shoes and she agreed. So that is good. My daughter got her shoes and I was honest with my mom about not being able to pay her back. I feel good about where I am right now financially. I am such a better place than I was a year ago!

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