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Crazy Busy Week

August 20th, 2009 at 01:28 pm

I haven't posted much this week as we have been crazy busy! Thank goodness it is almost Friday!!!

I took a look at my budget for September. Everything is looking good. I have homeowners insurance due on the 28th of August. I debated about moving the money from the household maintenance account to help pay for it. In the long run, I decided to do that. After all, it is for household expenses. I wish I could just pay it and not touch the maintenance account, but I am not to that point yet. Hopefully soon.

I gave my sister $20 and asked her to pick me up three bottles of tide laundry soap. It is on sale at Kroger and we don't have one around here...total savings is $12 on three bottles!!! YEA!!! Still going strong with the coupons. I re-organized the book so that each coupon has it's own pocket, instead of each category. It should make it easier to find the coupons.

My son is still staying with his dad. He got pulled over on Monday. It was a huge deal because he still has his probationary license. He has 3 citations and has to go to court on Sept 8. This is all a little redemption for me. His father thought that I was just exxagerating and being overprotective. Boy is he learning!!! I don't know what the plans are for him coming home, but I am just taking it one day at a time. When he loses his license(most likely) he will have to come home to get to school.

One last thing...Chik-Fil-A opened in the town I work in. This is like a death sentence for me! They have the best biscuits and gravy. And since we haven't had a chik-fil-a, the sandwiches are calling to me! I have no will power. But I figured it up today.. breakfast $3.50...lunch $6.00 That is $9.50/day that I have spent Tuesday and Wednesday of this week(didn't come to the office Monday, but still got dinner when I brought my daughter down to cheerleading). That is almost $50 a week. $100 a pay period. $200 a month. Ordinarily I don't look at things this way because when they say save $200 a year, that doesn't impress me. But $200 a month! That impresses me! I have got to buck up my will power! I got breakfast today(before I figured it up) but ate the bagel that I have in the fridge for lunch. I can resist! I can resist! I also need to start eating healthier anyway...I weighed myself the other day and I have never weighed as much as I do right now! I have got to get serious about this! as soon as I pay off a couple of the credit cards, I think I am going to join curves again. It really worked for me!

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