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Weigh In

August 31st, 2012 at 10:13 am

I had my weigh in last night. I lost .8 pounds. Not sure how I did that considering I haven't been tracking my food and had ice cream more than once last week.

My month of not eating out starts tomorrow. I am excited about it. I think it might be hard but I am ready for the challenge.

Have to go buy some hangers tonight so I can get my bedroom clean. It is the only room left in the house that needs to be cleaned.

Not Eating Out: 32/35
Tracking food: 9/30
NSD 9/30

A couple of Updates

August 29th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

We took 5 pair of jeans and a pair of sweatpants to a local alterations shop. She just called me and told me they were done. I had estimated $75 for the total. I asked her how much it was and she said $36. I am in shock. That will help since I only had $5 left in my account after the 1st until the 5th.

I also sold a book on half.com. It is a textbook and sold for $65. I will ship it out today.

It is funny how when I am sticking to my budget and not spending money something always happens to make me be able to stick to my budget.

Doctor Visit

August 29th, 2012 at 07:41 am

I had to take DD to the doctor yesterday. She had a tick bite that was swollen and we were concerned about it. She also has a sinus infection. Cost me $25 for the doctor. I got my prescriptions filled while we were there. I had budgeted $75 for them but they are usually around $55. With her prescriptions it was $85. It could have been a lot worse.

I filled up the car yesterday and transferred the remaining $29 in my gas budget to my ally savings account. I probably shouldn't have done that because that leaves me with $5 until next Friday. But we shouldn't need anything.

Got my cell phone bill. It was over $500. I almost went into cardiac arrest. There was $137 in usage charges. Apparently when I changed the plan back to the 2100 minutes I didn't back date it. I called Verizon and they backdated it and credited me the overage charges. Thank Goodness. The rest of the overage charges belong to Ex DH. I wish I could get him off the plan but there would be a cancellation fee.

I hope to get one more NSD this month. Today should be a NSD.

Not Eating Out: 26/28 (31/33 total)
Tracking Food: NO 9/28
NSD: 8/28

September No Eating Out Month Challenge

August 28th, 2012 at 07:10 am

I have decided to make the month of September a no eating out month. Any one want to join me? I am excited because for July I spent $358 eating out and so far for August I have spent $33.00. What a huge difference! I didn't think I had it in me to make such a huge change!

Yesterday was a NSD. My DD wanted some cucumbers but I made her buy them herself. I went to Starbucks yesterday but used a gift card my boss had given me. Today I have to get gas and milk.

I had to give my son $20 yesterday to reimburse him for things at the rental house. I don't count that account in the NSD's. I miscalculated how much i would have for the week. I have $60 left for two weeks. I wanted to buy a new mop but I guess that will have to wait until next payday.

No Eating Out: 25/27 (30/32 total)
tracking food: 9/27
NSD: 8/27

Nice Relaxing Sunday

August 27th, 2012 at 06:52 am

Saturday was spent running my DD around. She got a haircut and then we went to my mom's house so DD could do her chores around there. Didn't get home until 5:00. When I got home I went ahead and cleaned my bathroom so I wouldn't have to do it on Sunday. So far I have gotten the whole house clean except for my bedroom. I will probably tackle it this weekend. Or maybe I will do a little each night this week. We will just have to wait and see what I feel like when I get home. It is nice to have a clean house to come home to.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I spent it watching football. Had to take DD to my mom's house so she could clean out my sister's car. She got 5 bags of trash out of her car. I just don't know how she was able to even drive it.

Sunday was also a NSD. I would like to get two more this week, before the end of the month. Today should be one. We need milk but if I wait until tomorrow I will already have to spend money on gas.

Financially I am looking okay. I have about 130 to last until the next payday. I have already taken out money for gas and other expenses. Will probably have to get a few filler items at the store this weekend, but not much.

No Eating Out: 24?26 (29/31 total)
Tracking Food: NO 9/26
NSD: 7/26

Gotta Love My DD

August 24th, 2012 at 07:16 am

My DD is alot stronger than I am. As we were driving home from WW(where I was up .2 pounds) I told her that I thought we were going to get pizza for dinner. She said "are you sure?". I told her we shouldn't but...I didn't feel like eating left overs. She then said " Neither do I but we all have to do things we don't like". That closed the discussion. We went home and had left overs. And by not eating out I had a NSD.

Today is payday. I have already posted what my budget for the next two weeks look like. It is going to be tight but I think we can make it. We will be going to the grocery store tonight with the list we have prepared. Going to try to get out of there for under $100. I have $200 budgeted for the trip.

No eating Out: 22/23 (27/28 total)
Tracking Food: NO 9/23
NSD: 6/23

Ate Out Last Night

August 23rd, 2012 at 07:21 am

Well...after a long streak of not eating out DD and I ate Mexican last night. It was quite good. Abstaining from it for so long only made it that much better. Now to build another streak!

We borrowed my mom's vacuum last night since we don't have one. Most of our floors are hardwood so I haven't worked it into the budget to buy one. My mom has a dyson. The suction on that thing is amazing! DD vacuumed the entire house, even the hardwood floors and the stairs. The house is looking so much better. I like coming home to a clean house. I still have the rest of the bathroom and my bedroom to clean. Will tackle the bathroom this weekend. Not sure about the bedroom.

No eating out: 21/22 (26/27 total)
Tracking Food: no 9/22
NSD: 5/22

Transfer to Ally

August 22nd, 2012 at 08:09 am

Yesterday was not a NSD. I filled up my gas tank. I had $59 left in my gas budget and it cost $31 to fill up the tank. I transferred the difference($28) to my online Ally saving account. I also had to go to Dollar General to get bath mats and a few other items. Today I should do better and is looking to be a NSD. I would like to get at least 3 more NSD' before the end of the month.

I listed some books on half.com. I hope they sell. I could really use the money.

No Eating Out: 21/21 (26/26 Total)
Track Fook: NO 9/21
NSD: 5/21

Friday's Payday Two Week Budget

August 21st, 2012 at 07:32 am

Salary: 900
From DS: 170
Child Support: 339.42
Checking Balance: 276.83

Total Income: 1686.25

Mortgage: 520
Gas: 200
Groceries: 200*
Medical: 75
Alterations: 75**
DD Haircut: 30
DS Car Payment: 300.00
Auto Insurance: 247.87

* Going to try to spend $100
**this is estimated for 6 pairs of pants

Total Expenses: 1647.87

Income: 1686.25
Expenses: 1647.87

Leave 38.38 in the account.

I also had $137 deposited into savings account that will be used next month and $50 deposited into my online savings account.

Computer Free Weekend

August 20th, 2012 at 07:56 am

I didn't get on the computer all this weekend. I rarely even got on the ipad to check my email. I had a productive weekend, getting the house cleaned. I didn't get the hallway clean or the bathroom. But I can knock them out either this week or next weekend. I have putting off the bathtub because I have to actually get into the tub to clean it. The toilet is too close to the tub and I can't wedge myself in there.

Saturday day was a NSD. The only time I left the house was to go check on my sister who wasn't answering her phone. My mom gets paranoid when she can't reach one of us.

Yesterday I had to go to Ace hardware to get some draino and some gnat killers. The gnats have returned with a vengeance. Not sure where they are coming from. I also had to go Food lion to fill in a couple of things.

I almost had myself talked into getting breakfast this morning. I forgot milk to make my oatmeal. But instead I went to the gas station and got a half gallon of milk. That way I won't have to worry about it at all this week.

No Eating Out: 19/19 (24/24 total)
Tracking Food: NO 9/19
NSD 5/19

Free Lunch

August 17th, 2012 at 10:47 am

At my weigh in last night I made my 20 pounds lost. So my mom and sister came and took me out to lunch. Seems kind of ironic to celebrate losing weight by going out to eat. But I did good. Didn't eat too much and refused dessert when my sister offered it.

Yesterday was a NSD. Hoping today will be too.

No eating out: 16/16 (21/21 total)
tracking food: NO 9/16
NSD: 4/16

The Price for Being Short

August 16th, 2012 at 10:52 am

I am a short woman. Like 4'7" short. And apparently my children have inherited that from me. All the jeans we bought DD last weekend have to be hemmed. She also took some that she has had but were too long. So 5 pair of pants and one pair of sweat pants have to be hemmed. I am sure that will cost a pretty penny. I had to alter my budget to include that.

My budget for the next month is still looking pretty good. I am short for the start of October but I hope to make some up with grocery shopping by not using the full budgeted amount. My mom said that she didn't know if she was going to be able to help me with DD health insurance next month so I didn't put it in my budget and I am still okay. I also made dental appointments for me and DD. She no longer has dental insurance so that will be coming out of pocket. I have dental insurance. I hope that she doesn't need anything major done.

Today should be a NSD. It seems that so many little things come up to ruin my NSD's. I try to plan ahead but at the last minute DD will need something. So hopefully she doesn't need anything tonight.

Plan for dinner: Roast beef; green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. Can't eat until after my weigh in though so I will be hungry.

No eating out: 15/15 (20/20 total)
Tracking food: No 9/15
NSD: 3/15

Thought today Would be a NSD

August 15th, 2012 at 07:48 am

But I was wrong. I paid my internet/phone/cable bill today as well as a medical expense and the water bill. I was so hoping today would be a NSD.

Went to the grocery store last night. Had to get dog food and milk for my sister. My dd also needed shampoo and conditioner and I needed toothpaste. Also had to get my sister milk. We spent $45 but sister paid me back $5.

Speaking of Sister...she moved up here about a year ago. She doesn't have her license and she never got tags for her car when she bought it almost 3 years ago. The car is now parked at my mom's house. Since she doesn't have a license she asks me about twice a week to get her milk. My mom takes her to grocery store about every other week. Neither my mom nor I can figure out why she doesn't get her license back. It was suspended for no insurance but she has got plenty of money now to get insurance and her license. I think she is content having other people take her everywhere.

School starts on Friday for DS. My days of sleeping late are numbered. Bummer.

no eating out: 14/14 (19/19 total)
tracking food: no 9/14
NSDL 3/14

Almost Blew It

August 14th, 2012 at 09:49 am

I had alot of errands to run after work last night. I had to go to my moms and drop off some stuff. Had to got dollar general to get hangers. Went to Home Depot to get keys made and rat poison. It was almost 7:00 and I was starving. I asked my DD if she just wanted to go get mexican. She said sure. But then I changed my mind. I didn't want to blow my streak of days not eating out. So we went to see my son at work and he gave DD some chicken nuggets. I came home and ate a PB&J.

Today isn't going to be a NSD. I had to pick up a prescription this morning and we have to get Dog Food this evening.

Finally got my refund from the IRS for my amended return. They paid me interest I guess since it took so long to get it. I owed my mom 953 of the 994. I put that in her checking account this morning.

NO eating out: 13/13 (18/18 total)
Tracking food: 9/13
NSD: 3/13


August 13th, 2012 at 10:58 am

Today isn't going to be a NSD. DD needs hangare and orajel. Just yesterday the though hit me that she might have to have her wisdom teeth taken out. Then last night she started complaining about her jar hurting. She thinks she is getting them. I made a dentist appointment for October...the first available when they could take us both. I have dental insurance...she does not. Her appointment is going to be $174 including xrays. Hopefully she will be able to wait until then.

DS tells me that there is rat living in the other house. YUCK! Will have to get some rat poison to put under the dishwasher, where it went to. In the ten years I lived there we never so much as had a roach. It just amazes me how people live. I also forgot to mention that they destroyed two of the interior doors. Not sure how they did what they did but one is in pieces and the other one has a bunch of knife like marks in it. The handyman said that he could get replacements for about $15 each.

I am back tracking my food today. I didn't overeat over the weekend but I didn't keep track of it either. Still haven't eaten out. It has become kind of a game for me. Trying to make it last as long as possible. It helps that nothing sounds good either.

No Eating Out: 12/12 (17/17 total)
Tracking Food: 8/12
NSD: 3/12

Quiet Day Here

August 12th, 2012 at 01:38 pm

Not too much to report today. It is probably going to be a NSD since I have nowhere to go and nothing to buy. I recorded a bunch of football games and have spent the day watching them.

DD called the shoe store this morning and they are going to mail the other shoe to us. Awesome! We didn't have to make a trip back down to the mall, which is 1 hr 15 min one way!

Noticed something when we went to Olive Garden yesterday. They didn't give us the lunch menus. We had to ask for them. The only thing I could think of is that they give the dinner menus to up the price and hopefully mean a bigger tip for the servers. Any one else experience that lately? We definately ordered from the lunch menu which meant smaller portions but just enough food.

I changed the locks on the renters Friday)(cant remember if I already told you this or not) They left the place a mess. They left a king size bed, a washer and dryer, an exercise equipment, and a deer head. Plus alot of trash on the inside. The handy man is giving me a total for cleaning it up. I will just have him get rid of the trash. My son wants to clean it in exchange for 1/2 the rent for the first month.

That is about all going on here. How was everyone's weekend?

School Shopping, Free Lunch, and Groceries

August 11th, 2012 at 02:07 pm

We got up bright and early this morning to head to the city where the mall and kohl's is. We met my sister at Kohl's at 10:00 so we could get the early bird special. My DD found a couple of shirts and a pair of jeans and some panties. My sister found some work clothes. I found a few shirts that were marked way down. All in all we spent $173 and my sister paid for it. She then asked if we wanted to go to lunch. Since we had planned to go to the Olive Garden she decided to come with us. She ended up stealing the check and paying for the meal. Thanks sis!

When we left my sister we went to the mall. We ended up spending $316. I guess I didn't overestimate as much as I thought. But I am glad that I took that amount out of the budget. My other sister had given me $200 toward clothes so my OOP is $116. Not bad.

One of the places we went to was the shoe store. When DD tried on the shoes, they only bring one out for you to try on. We didn't think about it and when we got home we only had one shoe. So we will have to make the trip to the mall again tomorrow to get the other shoe. They are holding it for us. I will be sure to take the back way in though. And I can just let DD run into the mall. I won't have to park that way. I can't believe I didn't think about that. Now I have to spend extra gas to get there and back. Bummer.

We went to the grocery store last night. I was hoping to get out of there for $100. I took a list and we stuck very closely to it. There was only 4 items that we got that weren't on the list. But I spent $176. I guess we were out of more than I realized. Hopefully next payday I won't have to spend that much again.

No Eating Out: 10/10
Tracking Food: NO 8/10
NSD: No 2/10

Completely frustrated

August 10th, 2012 at 07:06 am

My weigh in was just kind of so-so. I gained .2 pounds. I know that isn't alot but it frustrates me that I didn't lose any weight. I have totally watched everything I eat. I am tracking everything I eat and staying well within my points allowance and I haven't eaten out once in the last two weeks. I just don't get it. This is the type of stuff that makes me give up.

I made it the two weeks for the Not Eating Out Challenge. It feels good to have accomplished this. How did everyone else do?

Yesterday was almost a NSD. I spent $3 at the gas station for two sodas.

No Eating Out: 9/9 (14/14 total)
Tracking Food: NO 8/9
NSD: No 2/9

Updated Two Week Budget

August 10th, 2012 at 06:59 am

Salary - 900.00
From Mom - 245.00
From DS - 180.00
child support - 339.42
Trans from Savings - 140.00
Checking Balance - 629.03

Total Income: 2433.45

DS Insurance - 486.46
Weight Watchers - 42.95
groceries - 200.00 *
Gas - 200.00
Sallie Mae - 269.53**
school Clothes - 400.00***
medical payment - 100.00
Water Bill - 62.57
Cable/internet/phone - 174.92
Credit Card - 50.00
Cell phone - 148.35
Amy Misc - 50.00

Total Expenses: 2184.78

Income: 2433.45
Expenses: 2184.78
Extra : 243.81****

* Going to try for under $100 but we are out of alot of things since I haven't been spending as much at the grocery store. But I have my list ready to go.

** this was supposed to be 600. But Sallie Mae said they only charge the actual amount due and not the late fees. They will just sit on my account.

*** This number is probably greatly over estimated. Sister gave me $200 of this and other sister is taking DD to Kohl's.

**** Going to let this sit in the checking account for future expenses.

Renters Haven't left yet

August 9th, 2012 at 06:55 am

My daughter wanted to get subway last night. She paid for it with her own money. I came home and ate a bowl of cereal.

Went to check if the renters had moved out. They still have a ton of stuff there! DS called him to let him know that we would be changing the locks today. The renter asked to have until this evening and DS told him that was fine. So I will have the locks changed tomorrow evening. DS is going to meet the handy man there to do it. I have tried to change the locks before and couldn't do it. But I will have to buy 4 new locks, 2 door knob locks and two deadbolts. Probably be about $60. And then I will have to pay the handy man. I also think that the renters are going to leave a bunch of junk that I will have to have removed. That will cost about $150. Can't wait to get my DS in there an actually get some income from that place!

No Eating Out: 8/8 (13/13 total)
track food: 8/8
NSD: 2/8

Spendy Day Already

August 8th, 2012 at 09:42 am

It is hardly even noon and I have already spent alot of money. My dd had a dr apointment...$35 Prescription...$15. Then we took the newest puppy to get booster shots...%73. Still have to get gas and hairbows for DD. We tried to get it while we were out but the gas station had run out of gas.

Yesterday was a NSD. The first in a while.

I renewed my personal loan today and got an extra %500. This is the amount that I would be short for my expenses later this month. It didn't affect my payment at all.

Almost went to BK for breakfast this morning. But came home and made pancakes. I have done real well on this challenge. Haven't eaten out yet.

No Eating out: 7/7 (12/12 total)
Tracking food: 7/7
NSD: 2/7

Friday Payday Two Week Budget

August 7th, 2012 at 07:35 am


Payroll - 900.00
From mom: 245.00
From DS 180.00
savings trans: 100.00
Child Support 339.42
Checking Bal 549.81

TOtal Income: 2314.23


DD health ins: 486.46
Weight Watchers: 42.95
Groceries: 200.00***
Gas 200.00
Sallie Mae 600.65*
School Cloths 400.00**
Water Bill 62.57
Loan Pymt 200.00
Credit card 50.00

Total Expenses: 2242.63

Income 2314.23
expenses: 2242.63
Difference: 71.60

* Sallie Mae - First payment includes last fees, will go down next month
** School Clothes - sister gave me $200 toward clothes and other sister is taking DD to Kohls on Saturday so this number is probably greatly overestimated.
*** Groceries - going to attempt to spend $100 in the big shopping trip but will leave the other $100 in there for fill ins for the two weeks.

Yesterday's Spending

August 7th, 2012 at 06:22 am

Yesterday turned out to be an expensive day. It was $268 to get my car fixed. Then we had to buy laundry soap for $22(got two of them). Today should be a NSD as we don't need anything at home.

After having a big lunch yesterday I just ate cereal for dinner last night. I ate my pineapple that I left at home yesterday morning for an evening snack.

Not Eating Out: 6/6 (11/11 total)
Tracking food: 6/6
NSD: 1/6

Free Lunch

August 6th, 2012 at 11:26 am

We had an office meeting this morning. It was long and mostly boring to me. Very little of what is discussed relates to me. But we usually get lunch afterwards. Today we went to Longhorn's. I ordered my usual 1/2 sandwich and salad. I accounted for my points and dinner is looking pretty sparse. I only have 9 points left for the day...will probably have to use some of my extra points.

I packed up my pineapple to bring to work this morning and I forgot to put it in my bag! I am quite disappointed. I have really gotten to enjoy my pineapple snack in the morning.

I got a call about my car. They are going to replace the battery and the connection cables. $268 plus tax. They are hoping that will fix the problem. UPDATE: They just called and the car is fixed. The new battery and new cables fixed the problem. So glad I get my car back today!

Will have to stop and get laundry soap on my way home. It is a waste of a perfectly good NSD. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Pending Transactions

August 5th, 2012 at 07:02 pm

Usually after the weekend I have a ton of pending transactions in my checking account. Since I have joined the no eating out challenge I have three pending transactions. It is so weird for the amount in my checking account to actually match the amount on my online balance without doing some calculations.

Football started tonight. I can't wait for football season to get revved up. It is the only sport that I love to watch. College and pro. Love it all.

Today was a Slow Day

August 5th, 2012 at 02:57 pm

Not too much happening in my neck of the woods today. I had my mom take me to Food Lion to pick up milk and salsa and a couple other things. Total spent 17.55. I was hoping to make each day this week nsd's but my daughter called me when I got home to tell me that we are out of laundry detergent. Had I known that I would have bought it today. But now I have to get it tomorrow. Something always comes up doesn't it?

Hopefully my car will be ready tomorrow. Not looking forward to the total due though. I asked my sister to loan me the money for the repair. That takes one worry off my plate. I hate that I have to do that to take care of needs I have but I have no alternative.

I did well on my eating today. I only ate two meals but I just wasn't hungry. Came in under points for the day.

no eating out: 5/5 (10/10 total)
Tracking Food: 5/5
NSD: 1/5

Not So Good On Eating Today

August 4th, 2012 at 04:24 pm

I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then made biscuits for lunch. That was quite point heavy. I then ate nachos for dinner. I was over by 8 points for the day. Thank goodness for the extra weekly points.

I changed my cell phone plan back to the 2100 minutes. When I looked today, between the five lines, we had used over 1/2 of the 1400 minutes and we are only on day 5. The extra $10 a month is worth it to not go over and be charged extra. I could have sworn that we weren't using 1400 minutes a month but I guess I was wrong.

No Eating Out: 4/4 (9/9 total)
tracking food: 4/4
NSD: 1/4

Friday's Result

August 4th, 2012 at 09:53 am

I did good yesterday. I ate the lunch I brought to work and made pancakes for dinner. I didn't put enough milk in the mix but they still turned out pretty good.

I went to the grocery store yesterday so it wasn't a NSD. I got more orange juice, pineapple, and milk. Unfortunately, the milk fell out of the car and the carton busted. I still have some milk but will now have to go to the grocery store Monday or Tuesday to get more milk. Bummer. I was hoping for NSD's.

Today will be a NSD and probably tomorrow too. I have no car to go anywhere and I don't need anything.

EX DH put $150 toward the cell phone bill today. That will help out when I go to pay it. That only leaves $148 balance. Hopefully I can get him to pay some more before the due date.

No eating Out: 3/3(8/8 total)
tracking food: 3/3
NSD: No 0/3

THe upside to my car repair

August 3rd, 2012 at 08:17 am

Since my car won't even be looked at until Monday, I won't have to use my gas budget this week. I might have to fill up on Wednesday, if I get my car back on Monday. But that is only going to be half of my gas budget for the week, probably even less.

I listed my DD's clarinet on Craiglist a couple of nights ago and have had no interest. I was hoping to unload that thing quickly.

I will likely have to go to the grocery store early next week for my frozen lunches and orange juice. PB&J's are good but they kill my points for the day.

Weigh In

August 2nd, 2012 at 03:29 pm

I did really well this week. I lost 3.4 pounds. I am up to 19.2 now. I was really strict this week and ate alot more fruit.

Today was almost a NSD. We had to get gas for the lawnmower.

No Eating out: 2/2
Track Food: NO 1/2
NSD: 0/2

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