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Paypal Cash Back and other Misc Musings

November 5th, 2013 at 09:37 am

I have a debit card with paypal that offers 1% cash back whenever you use it as a credit transaction. Since it is linked to my main checking account, I have started using it for alot of things. We(DD has an additional card on the account) spent $620 in eligible purchases last month so we earned $6.20 back. It is being deposited into my account tomorrow.

I have really slacked on the surveys here lately. Just can't find the time to do them and when I do find the time, I don't qualify for any of the surveys available. I really need to get back in the groove with them.

I had an eye exam yesterday morning and bought new glasses. I thought that insurance would cover them but apparently I didn't make it clear that I wanted a glasses exam not a contact exam. So now the insurance will pay up to $200 toward my contacts and I got a 20% discount on the glasses. But I had to scramble to come up with $263. It is amazing to me how when I need the money I can always shuffle something around to make it happen. My mom calls it robbing peter to pay paul. The upside is that my contact prescription in my left eye was not very good since I have astigmatisim. So I got a different kind of contact with a different prescription and I am seeing a whole lot better out of that eye. It is a huge difference!!

I have my budget planned through December. Things should be on auto pilot through my surgery.

I was pleasantly surprised my car tags this year. I have to renew them next month. I was expecting them to be around $500. But my car is $68, DS is $88(which he will pay for) and DD is $20. Apparently when we bought DD's car, we paid a higher ad volerum tax and we only have to pay $20 per year for as long as we own the car. But all told, the tags are $177. Alot better than $500!

2 Responses to “Paypal Cash Back and other Misc Musings”

  1. momcents Says:

    Hoot hoot for now having to pay the Dept. of Motorized Vehicles $500!


  2. rachel021406 Says:

    Hooray for not having to pay $500!

    I am always stunned when I can shuffle things around to get stuff paid for. But won't it be nice when we have our debts paid and an emergency fund and we don't have to shuffle anymore? (I can't wait for that day.)

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