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Amazon Order

September 14th, 2013 at 08:37 am

I got the idea from another poster yesterday to check out Amazon for our everyday uses. I found some really good deals and some not so special deals. I ordered a 4 pack of charmin 9 super rolls for $20. I also ordered a 4 pack of dove body wash for sensitive skin for $20. I saved about $4 on each package of toilet paper and $3.85 on each bottle of soap. And since it was more than $25 the shipping was free. I will have to remember to check there for our household items more often.

3 Responses to “Amazon Order”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You are right! Some items are a good deal on Amazon, but not all them. Another reason to know the prices of things you buy at other locations.

  2. nhgirl1970 Says:

    I agree, you have to watch the prices, but quite often it is worth it. Be sure to look on Amazon for coupons too!

  3. Maranatha Says:

    NG, if you watch the Sunday paper for coupons or even online coupons many times you can get the dove body wash for very little money or even free, many people I know never pay for toothpaste, deodorant and many other hygiene items. Good luck!

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