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The escape Artist Puppy

November 6th, 2012 at 09:16 am

The puppy that my DD got is an escape artist. We starting putting her in a crate when we aren't at home to help with the potty training. But each day when we got home she was out of the crate. On Friday of last week she got out and chewed the electrical cord on my mom's brand new Dyson vacuum cleaner. I was panicked at first. But I found a place in Blairsville that will replace the electrical cord. Problem solved. Hopefully it won't be too much and of course DD will be paying for it. We bought a padlock this weekend and use it to keep the puppy in the crate. Let's see her get out of that!

I transferred $75 from my savings account to get through to the next payday. i didn't think I would make it on 55 cents. I will have to transfer money out of the savings account for Christmas. That is why my short term goal was. Then I will start building up for the New York trip.

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