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Why I Love Banking with SunTrust And the New Car

December 1st, 2011 at 12:52 pm

I noticed today that I was charged the new $7 monthly fee for one of my checking accounts. This fee was supposed to be waived if I had direct deposit in the amount of at least $100. So I had changed my direct deposit to put $55 in there each pay period, which would cover the $100. When I called them to inquire about the fee, I was told that it had to be $100 at a time. Okay. So I went in and changed my direct deposit to put $100 in that account each pay period. I can then transfer it out to my main checking account. End of story...wrong. About 2 hours later I get a call from the branch manager that they were going to refund me that service charge for this month. I just love that they took the time to call me back and are crediting the fee without any pushing for me. Now I realize that most SunTrusts probably don't have this type of customer service, but for my small little branch in Blue Ridge, GA, they know me by name. So when I call and say this is Amy (*&))*( they know who they are talking to. They greet me by name whenever I have to go into the bank. No other bank in this area does that. I just love banking with my small Suntrust Branch.

My son bought a new car last week. Well...new to him. He bought a 2008 chevrolet aveo. He loves it. This is the first dependable car he has had. This is his fifth car and he is only 19! But he decided to stop trying to get a car cheap and bit the bullet. He now has a car payment and insurance to pay. But I feel better too knowing that he has something dependable. When we went to test drive the car, the battery was dead. So the salesman jumped it off. After we purchased the car, the salesman told us that if we had any problem with the battery to let him know and he would put a new one in it. We it wouldn't start again. DS took the car back to the dealership and guess what! They actually gave him a new battery! I was really impressed with this dealership compared to where I bought my car. They didn't even fill the car up with gas! This dealership filled it with gas and really seemed to care. Unusual for a car dealership, but this is a small town. Too bad the ford dealership in town isn't like that.

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