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Borrowed Money

April 18th, 2011 at 08:54 am

Well, I had to breakdown and borrow $200 from my parents today. It really sucks. I went from having $600 in the savings account to having to borrow money. Of course it was good to have the money for the unexpected expenses, but I wish I still had it. I sent the ex a semi-nasty message telling him that I needed some money this week because I was having to borrow money to pay my bills and that I know he was having a hard time getting paid, but that I needed money anyway. I mean it isn't my fault that you decide again and again to work for your brother and eventually it comes to the point that he doesn't pay you. That is a decision he makes. I just need my money. He was supposed to go clean up the yard at the other house this weekend. I bet he didn't make it there. He always seems to get distracted.

I haven't had one call on the house for rent. I was sure that someone would call over the weekend. But nothing. My mom is not really pressuring me, but continually brining it up that I should try to sell it. I just am not sure I am ready to do that yet. I know I need to because I can't afford it, but I still feel like that is home. I don't feel like my current house is home yet. Does that make sense?

I have $40 to last until Payday on Friday. We don't need anything besides milk at home so I should be fine. And hopefully ex will give me some money this weekend. I can always hope. My budget for the next few weeks really sucks. So anything he gives me will make it a little better. I don't have cheerleading anymore so my gas and eating out expenses should go down. We ate out twice a week and I drove to Calhoun(about 60 miles one way) twice a week. I am excited about that fact that one tank of gas might last me a while.

Well, keep your fingers crossed about the money from my ex. Power of positive thought and all that...

2 Responses to “Borrowed Money”

  1. jewels3 Says:

    It takes time to make your new home feel like "home", so that's a normal feeling. Personally I would put it on the market, because it's not like it's going to sell overnight, it could take a year or two to sell.

  2. CCraw Says:

    Hi I always read your blog and just wanted to post some comments, everything I say I only mean to try to help and never to hurt your feelings.

    Didn't you just take your daughter on a trip? Was that really necessary? Especially at a time when you are not in a good financial shape. I have noticed also that you eat out when it's not necessary. Pack up a small cooler with sandwiches, juice etc, it will be much healthier and better for your budget. Are either of your kids old enough to work? Can they pitch in and help you out?

    I know it doesn't seem right to have kids working for money to help support a household but what has to be done just has to be done. I was in your same spot about 7 years ago. My two oldest children got jobs at pizza hut and sonic. Sonic allowed my son to bring leftover food and orders that were made in error home. We ate that or we would buy a big bag of chicken and a big bag of egg noodles and have that the rest of the week. It wasn't fun and it wasn't exciting but we all learned a lesson from it. They learned to help take responsibility although they were only 15 and 16. We all learned how much we really loved each other and how to come together and get thru the tough times. Now that they are out on their own we can all laugh about all the chicken and noodles we had and how we scraped to put gag in the car. It was the toughest time of our life but also the best.

    I guess what I'm saying is that you just have to pull up your bootstraps and get serious about your debt or you will never change your situation. Your parents won't always be around to bail you out and I imagine they really worry about what will happen to you if they suddenly weren't here. That is a burden they don't need either.

    Talk to your children, even if they aren't able to work they can help out by not asking for things you cannot afford and not doing activities like cheerleading etc. It won't hurt or kill them, it's only for awhile not forever. Surely they will understand.

    I know that you can get thru any situation you put your mind to. You seem to be a fighter and a survivor and a tough lady. Just put off ALL unecessary spending until you are out of the situation you are in. It's not easy to do but can be done.

    I only make any comment with well wishes and concern for you.

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