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Dump Run

April 15th, 2011 at 08:58 am

We loaded up a bunch of stuff and took it to the dump on Wednesday. Mostly boxes that didn't weight a whole lot so we were charged the minimum of $10. Then came home and made Mac and cheese for dinner. We got the upstairs cleaned and got rid of a bunch of clutter. Feels good to relax in a clean room.

I am going to be cutting it close this week unless ex gives me some money. I will probably have to borrow some from my parents to get gas. Needless to say I won't be doing my sale shopping this week. That's okay. We are pretty well stocked up on items. Do need to get some meat to have on hand.

Final cheer competition is tomorrow. I was excited about this because my daughter wanted to take a year off. But since the gym is splitting into two, she has changed her mind. I can't afford for her to do it, but I have asked the owner if we can make some sort of deal where I take care of her books in exchange for tuition and fees. She hasn't gotten back to me yet. But that should cover most of the expenses. Otherwise DD will have to take a year off and start again next year.

Listed the house for rent in the paper starting today. Hopefully someone will call about it and want to rent it soon. I could really use that money. If my ex were paid up, I would be pretty straight. But of course he isn't and probably has no plans to be caught up. I just have to keep hounding him so that he pays a little each week. If he sees what I am renting the house for he will probably be mad since it is less than he was paying. Hopefully he won't see that in the paper. Don't feel like dealing with that. He is supposed to go tomorrow and finish cleaning up the yard. Wonder if that will get done.

Rambling again....sorry.

2 Responses to “Dump Run”

  1. rachel021406 Says:

    Sounds like you got some great de-cluttering done! I'll keep my fingers crossed about the cheer thing. Smile

  2. LittleMsMom Says:

    How old is your daughter that is in cheer? Maybe she could pay for the fees and expenses herself? Is she old enough to get a summer job or babysit so she can pay for it herself.

    My grandparents could not afford my sports either, so I babysat until I could legally work a job, to pay for the fees and uniforms etc.

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