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Busy Wednesday Night

March 24th, 2011 at 09:32 am

I had a lot to do last night! I went to the grocery store before going home for our bi-weekly shopping trip. I haven't gotten the totals together for what we saved, but feel that it was quite good. The good news is that we are well stocked on all canned goods and snacks. The only things I will have to buy in the foreseeable future will be things that are an exceptional good deal. I will have to curb myself since I enjoy grocery shopping. I guess that relates to when I couldn't do grocery shopping on a big trip. had to buy just enough to get through. I have really come a long way!

When we got home, I stripped my sheets and put them in the washer. I Sorted through years of pictures and then I constructed the display board for DS's senior night at the soccer game on Friday. DD helped with that. I asked DD to make dinner, which she did. She doesn't usually mind cooking. She rather enjoys it most of the time.

My sheets didn't get dry until about 11:00(including the comforter). So at 11:15 I did a lice treatement and got in the shower. I am exhausted this morning! Just wanted to stay in bed for a little while longer.

I had to stop on the way to work and get a bag of ice. It was $1 at MCdonalds. I like their ice better because it stays in little cubes instead of freezing into one big block of ice and you can't beat the price. I like to drink my sodas for breakfast and lunch with ice.

3 Responses to “Busy Wednesday Night”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Here is the comment I left before on your previous post "The War Rages On" Smile

    "I totally understand! DD had them a few months back. Like I commented before Botanical Gold works. I was going crazy wanting to get rid of them. I know it sounds hokey, but it really works. It is very safe and a good de-greaser. I use it on baby's bottles and his highchair tray. I also use it on the stove top to cut the grease. You order it online.


    Mix half solution and half water in a spray bottle. Thoroughly soak the head and hair. Leave on 30-40 minutes. I also combed during this time too. Be sure to use a metal toothed comb, they work the best. You can do this every night. We did it every other night for two weeks. Then a couple spot treatments. We haven't had those buggers back. Good luck!"

    Again, Good Luck!! I know what you're going through.

  2. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Looking Forward: Is EnvirOne the same things as Botanical Gold? When I go to the order page, it says I am ordering EnvirOne.

    Thanks for the information!

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    When you go to the homepage of the website click on the "Order Botanic Gold" then scroll down thru all the options until you see the Botanic Gold. I see the Enviro One is at the top, then the Botanic Gold after.

    Also a lice tab on the homepage-

    Best of luck. Smile

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