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Grocery Store Part two and three

March 9th, 2011 at 05:25 pm

I decided to do my grocery store tonight because I had the car for the evening. Wasn't sure when I would have it again. I got everything on the list and a few extras. The cash register rang up at $71 and I instantly started thinking about transferring the difference between what I had spent last night and tonight with what the budget amount was ($50). I already envisioned doing it. I went out to put the groceries in the car and realized that I didn't get any meat. I went back in and got two roasts and two things of chicken. Another $41 spent. So I didn't get to transfer any money! Bummer! On the flipside, we have enough groceries to get through another two weeks.

I also have made dinner every night this week. That is the most nights in a row in a long time. We even have some left overs for my son to eat.

1 Responses to “Grocery Store Part two and three”

  1. icantsave Says:

    Try shopping at Save A Lot instead of FoodLion to save money. Not sure about the Blue Ridge store but I know the Blairsville store has a pick 5 meat deal for $20. It's the only way my family can afford a whole month of meat.

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