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Half.com payments

January 24th, 2011 at 07:09 am

I checked my bank account this morning and my half.com payment of $85 is there. That is good because I will need to get gas tomorrow. That was part of my gas money for the week.

Wish I had had a better weekend spending wise. We out to mexican on Saturday and sunday we ordered a pizza. We are truly out of groceries. It is funny. It seems that I don't have the money to go to the grocery store, but I always find money to eat out. Wonder why that is. I could have taken what we spent on the two days and gotten quite a few groceries. I must work on that.

My son also informed me that we have alot of food in the freezer downstairs. I thought that we had depleted it. I guess I must journey down the stairs to see what we have. I know we have a couple of roasts, so the crock post will see some action in the next few days.

I was going to start working out at Curves today. I have been paying for them for a year but haven't been going. I had my membership changed to the Calhoun gym so I can workout while DD is at cheerleading. But I didn't bring my clothes and I can't help myself from getting unhealthy breakfast. I really need to amp up my resistance. I have got to start to lose some of this weight. I have slimfast shakes in the fridge, but they didn't taste that good. I need to just buckle down and drink them anyway. I know it isn't going to be easy to lose the weight because of my thyroid. But I at least need to try.

Ex husband said that he would have some more money for me today. He is hoping to have the whole $215 that he owes me. That would be good. Then I can go to the grocery store and stock back up.

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