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$300 is better than nothing

January 20th, 2011 at 10:25 am

My ex husband told me today that he didn't get to work on that car so he isn't going to have all the money he owes me. But that he has $300 for me right now. I will take it. It still puts me in a pretty good position. I will be able to make the payment for cheerleading tonight, which I thought I would have only give them half. So that is a plus. Two more payments on that and then I will be done with it. She said she is not going to do it next year. I can't say I am disappointed. Not only for financial reasons, but the time committment. I actually can't wait. That will be an extra $170/month that can go to other things. I will be able to get things paid off alot quicker. The possibilities are exciting.

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