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Sallie Mae

August 12th, 2010 at 08:13 am

Well, my tactic of sticking my head in the ground hasn't worked well for me. I have been ignoring this loan for over a year. Yes I did try to sign up for income based repayment, but they claim they never received it(I sent it twice). I should have followed up on it but didn't. Now it is at the do or default date. I have to make a payment of $1434.81 in order to keep it from going to default, which would really suck. So...I had to suck itup and ask my mom to put it on her credit card. I have to pay the payments each month and she now gets all the extra payments I have been making on other debts.

Ihave put in applications at Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Food Lion, and Ingles, hoping that someone is hiring a part time helper. Keep your fingers crossed that someone will call me shortly to offer me a part time job!

1 Responses to “Sallie Mae”

  1. Jerry Says:

    My experiences with Sallie Mae have not been great, they are notorious for losing documents and still lead people to the default line... you have to stay on them in order to have any insurance that you are in the clear! Will you be all right now that you are going back to school?

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