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Been Gone a While

April 9th, 2010 at 11:02 am

I have posted in a while, but I am still here! Alot has been happening with the move and all. We are getting settled in the new house, but it doesn't feel like home yet. I am sure it will get there!

My budget has been really good lately. I have managed to save $300 in my emergency fund and $180 in the kids savings accounts. Hopefully things will continue and I won't have to use any of that money. I am getting a fence though for the dogs and might have to dip into the savings account for a little of it.

Heading to Nashville tonight for a cheer competition tomorrow. Budgeted for it, plus my sisters contributed to the cause with $100 each! That was how much I budgeted so basically it isn't costing me anything to take this trip!! I have enough in my fundraising account to pay for the hotel.

Still working on my credit cards...made an extra payment today. I have minor set backs on them, but I always make an extra payment when I do. I am paying off everything I charge on them and then some.

1 Responses to “Been Gone a While”

  1. jolie Says:

    Oh it's so good to hear from you and know you are doing so well. Glad to hear the move went well. So exciting, this new start to your life.

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