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Craigs List

July 24th, 2009 at 09:57 am

I listed the rabbit on craigs list today. My daughter doesn't take care of it and I don't want to! Selling the cage and all! Hopefully it will be gone by Sunday. I also listed an old tv for free...I have asked several times for it to be put in my car. It is too heavy for me to lift. Just want it gone!!!

Yesterday was almost a NSD. Spent $4 at the gas station for dr pepper and newspaper.

Filled up my gas tank today. Should las through the weekend. Don't have any plans to go anywhere so hopefully will last even longer! DD and I have hair appointments tonight.

I think I am going to start saving to have someone clean the house every couple of months. I don't mean spotless, just come in..dust, and cleanthe bathrooms. These are the tasks that I jsut can't seem to get to. Every other month would be an improvement over now!

DH and I had a real long talk last night. I don't know that anything was resolved but at least things are out there. We will see what happens now. Our anniversary is a week from Tuesday.

2 Responses to “Craigs List”

  1. north georgia gal Says:

    Rabbit is sold! They are coming to get it tomorrow. YEA!!!

  2. smiley2009 Says:


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