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Weekend Update

July 12th, 2009 at 10:35 am

Nothing to eventful this weekend. Had to have son's car towed since one of the circle thingys won't turn, which means that the serpentine belt won't turn. UGGGHHH!!!!

DH called me Saturday and wanted to know if I wanted to spend the day on the boat. I went and was having a pretty good time. But them it hit me. I can't ignore what happened. I can't just act like nothing happened as I have inthe past. I told him. It wasn't a long conversation, but it was to the point. He still doesn't believe me about the game. It compared it to me finding a box of condoms in his truck. I told him that he has had only had that truck since we were married and that was completely different. There is stuff in that closet that have been in there for 8 years! He still isn't convinced. Things are still tense. I am not just going to roll over on this one. I am done taking that crap. I am being polite, but not making an effort to "kiss and make up". He either trusts me or he doesn't. But there are some different issues. He hasn't done things around the house. When I asked him what was for breakfast this morning(as we joke around all the time about) he just huffed. Said that kitchen is in there. I told him that I make him dinner all the time! Usually when he gets home, dinner is waiting. He just doesn't get it! I am tired of doing everything myself. Instead of doing the dishes today, he moved them out of the way so he could get to the sink! And the trashcan has been sitting on the back porch waiting to be washed out for days! I finally asked him to wash it out. Still hasn't been done!

Anyway, this has been a spend free weekend. I left my purse at work and I don't have anyway to spend any money!

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