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At home Bored

May 29th, 2009 at 05:30 pm

Dropped daughter off today to go to Panama. She saved her money for spending and ended up with $61!! Go girl! I took $40 out to give to her "hosts" but of course she wouldn't take it. In the end, she took $20 and said that dd doesn't eat much. LOL. They are good people and I am glad my daughter is friends with them!

But that means that I can put $20 back into the account. That is good because I only had $20 to last until next Friday. My parents(dad) loaned me the money that I will be short on Monday. Will pay them back on Friday. Thanks Dad for getting me through the hump!

DH is still at work and might not come home again tonight which means that I will be here alone. Tempted to start the budget for July...but don't think that I could focus on it like I should.

1 Responses to “At home Bored”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    Sorry to hear you're bored. Sounds like your DD is really on the ball, saving for the trip like that. You should be proud Smile

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