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Weekend Update

April 5th, 2009 at 08:11 am

We had a cheer comp yesterday in Atlanta. Since my sister lives nearby, she met us there. She took us to lunch and then later dessert. So other than the admission, it was a cheap day for a cheerleading day!

Back in Novoember, I borrowed a large sum of money from her. I put $50 a payday into our joint account. She doesn't usually pull it out until there is about $300 in there so there was $200 sitting in there. I asked her if I could take that money and buy my daughter some clothes. She said that was fine(knew she would, she used to purchase all of the kids clothes in years prior). So we stopped by old navy and kohls on the way home. She got 7 pairs of shorts, 6 shirts and a dress for the pagaent...all for under $200! I thought she shopped well. She is now set for clothes through the summer. That is a relief.

We are taking care of the dogs across the street. They have 5 dogs and a bird that is hilarious! It was lauging at us chasing the dogs around! And when we call the dogs, he calls the dogs. It is so funny! Made us laugh!

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