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I have got to QUIT!!!

March 25th, 2009 at 12:41 pm

eating out! I have slipped right back to where I was! I realize this is an issue but I can't stop myself. I am still transferring equal amounts to the savings account each time I eat out, but it isn't stopping me!

Friday is payday. I already have the power bill set up to be paid and will pay the mortgage. The power will is on time and the mortgage is 3 days past the grace period...but still sooner than I have ever made it before! Things are getting tight, while planning for the vacation. (another reason I need to quit eating out!) But we are on track to go. Can't wait!

Think I am going to take a break from the ebay challenge until after my surgery. I just haven't had the time or energy to post items.

Found out that Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl are filming a movie about 5 miles from my house! My husband is on a search for Katherine(he is just in awe of her! Run Katherine!) Pretty cool that our small little town is having a movie filmed here!

6 Responses to “I have got to QUIT!!!”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That is pretty cool about them filming near you!

    Have you tried making a list of the reason why you eat out, and then a list of reasons why you shouldn't, then see if there's anyway you can create "fixes" for the first list?

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Wow, that's pretty neat! But yeah, I really need to cut down on my eating out as well.

  3. boomeyers Says:

    We've had George Clooney in town. He is causing quite a stir! (But apparently he has been super nice!)

    Now, go drag out that crockpot and let dinner cook itself! Smile

  4. littlemama Says:

    It's understandable that you're eating out. You haven't been feeling well. Maybe when you are feeling better you can make several meals and freeze them for days when you can't cook.

    There are several cookbooks that can help. The one that comes to mind is Once a Month Cooking. Ck. the library and make copies of the recipies that you like.

    Take it easy. Smile

  5. Nika Says:

    Where are you going on vacation?

  6. north georgia gal Says:

    Jekyll Island...and I Can't Wait!

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