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Balance Due = 0

March 10th, 2009 at 08:54 am

Well, I just checked my power bill online and I have a 0 balance. I wish they would post the new balance so I can go ahead and put the actual amount in my budget! Isn't that crazy? Now that I have everything paid on time, I want to know sooner how much I owe!

Rebooked the hotel for Jekyll Island. When I went online today, they are running a special for 4 nights...30 less/night! So I rebooked it for the 4 nights and it only cost us $25 extra! That way we can have 3 full days at the beach! Sounds like a plan to me! I am so excited about this! I hope that we will be able to save the money. I think we will, but it will be tight.

3 Responses to “Balance Due = 0”

  1. Amber Says:

    You can estimate how much you will owe and if it is actually less then deposit the difference to your EF or use to pay down debt

  2. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Amber, That is what I due. I estimate a set amount each month and if it is under, I transfer to EF(well, the vacation fund right now). But I just want to know what it is!

  3. cptacek Says:

    I have the same problem with our electric bill for the farm! They send it in the mail and have no online banking option. Luckily it is pretty close each time.

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