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Yesterday Spending

March 6th, 2009 at 06:55 am

I almost made it! At 6:00 I was having a NSD. But then....

My DH elected to pick son up from soccer and do dinner instead of taking daughter to cheerleading. Ok...that usually works pretty good. However, he also had some work to do on his car. Now I know my DH pretty well...and one thing always leads to another. Usually when he says that, we come home at 8:45 from cheerleading and dinner hasn't even been started or has another 30 minutes to cook(always feels he has to do elaborate things!) So in order to save aggrevation and mad feelings, I picked up dinner on the way home. If I had pushed the issue, he would have had his feelings hurt because he is honestly trying.. Sometimes it is just worth it. I know my DH and love him dearly, his ADD is just something I have learned to deal with.

Good news? I transferred the same amount that was spent on food to the vacation fund! And I think he is starting to come around witht he budgeting thing. He actually knew that we shouldn't be spending the money to eat out, as we have been spending alot lately. that is a start! He also asked about the state of our(my) finances. Wanted to make sure we had enough to cover the propane and what he needed to do to make sure we had enough for vacation! Unfortunately, I wasn't in front of my account so I couldn't speak intelligently about it. Will bring that up again later!

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