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Good news but...and half.com

March 6th, 2009 at 08:27 am

I always feel like when I do something financially that I should feel guilty about it where my parents are concerned. They aren't struggling by any means, but live like they are. And they have helped me out more times than I care to mention...never expecting it back. But I have finally grown up. I have a savings account. I have the beginnings of an emergency fund. It's about time!!

So I have booked this vacation to jekyll island for April. I am oh-so-excited! it is the first vacation that we have taken as a family. I am just thrilled that I can now do this for them! But i dread telling my parents about it. My dad will be like "how can you afford that?" my mom will just get all quiet...and be like "oh..do you really think that is smart?". Maybe it isn't, but I am more financially secure than I have ever been in my life. None of the other monthly expenses are going to be "put off" for us to go on this trip, or we won't be going.

Shouldn't I feel excited to share this kind of thing with my parents? i still feel like the kid who can't really talk to her parents.

I received a deposit of 38.19 from half.com today. transferred it to the vacation fund.

5 Responses to “Good news but...and half.com”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    You only live once! Family time is important! Ask them if they want to come along! Stick Out Tongue

  2. momcents Says:

    Oh, boy ... I am blessed with relatives who are overly concerned about my "ability" to afford things. Mind you, I don't complain, I don't ask for help. The thing about it is, I wish they'd be equally concerned about my brother's finanical life, and I don't think they are.

    Have a good time, and try not to worry about what other think. I have to remind myself of that often lately.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Well, just be honest. It will be paid in cash, you are current on bills, you have learned to plan ahead, and you are selling things for cash. I hope they will be proud. Maybe you tell them all of this first...before the trip part!

  4. kdmoffett25 Says:

    My mom is the complete opposite. She is always like "you should be able to afford that and not live paycheck to paycheck!" I am working on it and will make it there soon.

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Just tell them what you said here- you are financially on your feet-have savings - current on bills - and are able to pay for this with cash. I bet they'll be proud of you!

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