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Yesterday was a NSD!

January 15th, 2009 at 05:49 am

I was tempted...I was starving by the time I was heading home. My husband had decided to go work on his truck(see husband rantings post). It was just going to my my son and I for dinner as my daughter goes to her friends house on Wednedsays and then to church. I thought about all the options...Taco Bell...Pizza Buffett...pizza delivery...wendy's. But in the end, we went home and had grilled cheese and french fries. GO ME!

We went and picked up my son's truck last night. When did I become old enough to have a child that has a car???? Just doesn't seem right to me. But none the less, I have a child that has a car. He is very excited about it. He should get his license next month. In a round about way, my mom loaned him the money to get the truck(loan from insurance policy in his name that she owns). She made him read all of the papers last night and sign that he had read it. He has to make monthly payments on it. I am not worried about him and money...he is like a scrooge and has learned well from my mistakes. Trust me, you don't want to borrow money from him!!!

3 Responses to “Yesterday was a NSD!”

  1. kdmoffett25 Says:

    YEA! Tell him Congrats! And good job on NSD!

  2. mom-sense Says:

    He's off to a good money start! DH and I agreed this AM that time is flying and driving is just around the corner (our oldest is 11). Great job on NSD!

  3. scfr Says:

    Well done on resisting the siren song of fast food!

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