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surgery and spending update

January 14th, 2009 at 05:38 am

I went Monday to the surgeon. He wasn't sure that the hernia is what is causing my pain. So he ordered a CT scan. Fortunately I was able to be worked in so I didn't have to drive the 2 hours one way again this week! But it made for a long day. The contrast they made me drink was nasty! I should hear something from the doctor today.

I spent quite a bit of money on Monday. The doctor was $40. The gas was $23. And dinner was $25(bought my best friend dinner because she gave up her day to go with me to the doctor).

Tuesday was better. Only spent $2 for hair ties and $8 for shipping an ebay item.

I have 6 items listed on ebay. I listed them at no reserve. I have only gotten 3 bids...for the .99 starting bids. It appears that I will be selling a basket that I paid upwards of $40 for for .99 unless there are some more bids in the next 6 hours. It is a very frustrating lesson learned. My only saving grace is that the money spent on these baskets was spent years ago when I wasn't in the financial crisis I am in now. Like purchasing the baskets is not a recent bad decision. Does that make any sense?

1 Responses to “surgery and spending update”

  1. mooshocker Says:

    I will say a prayer for your illnesses. Regarding the hair ties, totally unnessary. Shave your head! LOL...God bless.

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