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Ebay Frustration or how my own carelessness cost me money

January 14th, 2009 at 12:28 pm

I put six items on ebay Sunday...of course I knew I was already going to be taking a loss on these items. But no one even bid on these until today! No watchers even. There are usually watchers. I realized today(right before the auction started ending) that I had mis-spelled the maker of the baskets! So if people searched for the right name, they wouldn't have found mine! I am so frustrated! I got less than $10 for all 6 items! UGGGGHHHHH!!

In other news..I have to have a CT guided biopsy done on Tuesday. The CT on monday apparently showed that I have a "thickening" of muscles, which is probably just scar tissue, but the dr wants to be sure before he goes into the depths of my stomach. So we will be driving the 2 hours(one way) again on Tuesday. I am glad that I went to this doctor though because I doubt that the doctors up here would have investigated as thoroughly as he is.

I am very thankful for the health insurance that I have. My company offers a top of the line policy for relatively peanuts. I only have a $200 deductible and so far all of the CT scans I have had done have been covered 100%...no meeting deductible or anything! YEA!!! During my research I also found out that in-patient mental care is covered at 100% following the $200 ded. I might have to use those benefits after having dealt with this inconvenient health crisis!

2 Responses to “Ebay Frustration or how my own carelessness cost me money”

  1. mooshocker Says:

    I'll say a prayer for you for good health and better Ebay results. God bless.

  2. Myrtle Says:

    I hope everything goes well for you!! Take care.

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