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Forced Resistance...sort of

January 9th, 2009 at 05:51 am

I went to Home Depot yesterday to pick up some tools for the fence. THey have marked down their Christmas trees to $50! I was thrilled. Right after Christmas, this tree was $89. It was originally $130. so I was thrilled. However, when I inquired, the only one left was the actual one on display. It comes apart into 3 pieces, but I couldn't see me struggling with it. I guess that I have really started to get the hang of this money thing...because it wouldn't have been that hard, but I made up reasons why I shouldn't purchase the tree. It is getting easier each day to avoid purchases or to make up reasons why i don't want to go through the hassle.

I have to take my ebay items to ship today. Made about $100. I spent over $500 on the items 10 years ago, told that hey would appreciate in value. I was niave and spent money foolishly. They are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them. I have tried to sell them before and they never hit the reserve I was asking. This time I didn't set a reserve. It is worth it to me to have them out of the house and have a little extra money to help keep me on budget the next few weeks.

I spent $10.98 at Home Depot for the fence supplies. $15 in gas.

1 Responses to “Forced Resistance...sort of”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I grew up with "someday this will be worth a lot of money" in my house...guess what/ Parents died and I am stuck with a lot of "priceless" (as in not worth anything) stuff like Lenox, beanie babies, barbie dolls...and I have been steadily selling the items at about a fifth of the original price. Tough lesson to learn my friend.

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