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Possible Surgery and Truck update

January 8th, 2009 at 09:54 am

After the initial shock of the diagnoses yesterday I calmed down and began thinking rationally. I called and made an appointment with a surgeon for Monday that has operated on me before and my father before. I also checked my insurance. I should only have to pay $100 copay for the surgery, since it is outpatient. I talked to my sister(my medical go to person) and have a reasonable plan, as long as the doctor can work with my schedule. If I have the surgery on Wed or Thur, I should be able to at least work from home part time by Monday. This will cut down on the time off needed. I hate to use my days for this! Still nervous, given the past history, but at least I have done all I can to prevent the mistakes of last time.

I made $100 on the items I sold on Ebay. i straightened out the shipping fiascos and sent everyone corrected invoices. Will mail all items tomorrow.

I had to get gas this morning because my lovely DH didn't put gas in the car on the way home last night. Did I mention that I am ready to kill someone? Anyone will do. Just about togo crazy!

The truck for my son is awesome! DH will go this evening and put a deposit until the rest of the money comes. MS(son) is thrilled! Still talking about other truck, but at least he as different one to drive!

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  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    I wish you the best for your surgery. I had hernia surgery when I was 24 and was off work for 3 weeks. But then, I am a nurse and have to lift and bend a lot so if I would have had a desk job I am sure 2 weeks would have been fine. The first week you are very sore...take the pain meds the dr. gives you!

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