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Weekend Spending and Christmas Update

December 22nd, 2008 at 08:16 am

I finished my shopping this weekend! YEAH! I stayed within $50 of my budget as well! Another YEAH! My daughter has to finish up her shopping, and my son has to do his. But they both already have money for that.

Since I finished my shopping, this weekend was a spendy one. We spent $171 at Walmart. This looks really bad, but when I divided among the people we bought for(that was already budgeted) and the household items we bought, it really isn't that bad, especially since it had all been budgeted for! I went to the grocery store on Saturday and spent $123. I forgot that my children would be out of school and at home the next couple of weeks and they needed simple things to cook for lunch/breakfast. This wasn't planned, but usually I spend about $300 when I overspend at the Grocery store, so this is actually quite an accomplishment!

I had to make some minor adjustments to my budget, but it is still on track. I even managed to get some presents wrapped and under the tree yesterday!

1 Responses to “Weekend Spending and Christmas Update”

  1. Ms. Pearl Says:

    yay! If you managed to keep it together over the holidays just imagine how good things should start to become in a few months!

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