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Thursday December 18

December 19th, 2008 at 08:21 am

I haven't been good about writing daily spending logs, so I am trying to get back on board. If I bog, than it keeps me on track!
My daughter had her cheerleading Christmas Party last night. There was a sign on the door that the gym would be closed next week...i got excited,until I found out that she would still have practice!!(I don't mind my daughters activities,, but the gym is 30 minutes from our house and I don't get home until 8:45 on those nights). Oh well...we will be there.

She and I went to dinner at my friends restaurant(my standing Thursday night dinner date). I picked up dinner for husband and son as well. It was "kids eat free night" so I didn't do too badly.

Dinner - $26.

Total - $26

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