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Weekend and Christmas Update

December 14th, 2008 at 10:50 am

It moved quickly and didn't last that long. But I managed to not spend any money while there! My parents had given me money for gas and they bought dinner. So the only money I spent was the $3 over the $20 they gave me for gas. Enjoyable evening for little money.

One of our older dogs bit our new puppy(Socks) last night. The new puppy was trying to get his food. It was horrible! Socks' eye is swollen shut and he has a gash on his head! Called the vet and they said to watch him, but there really wasn't much they would do.

Went to church this morning for my daughters violin performance. It was the stangest church service I have been to...not strange as in wierd but as in the preacher didn't really preach. He spoke for about 15 minutes about joy and then it was done.

We got the house cleaned up today after church...and my husband is now working on laundry. Feel very productive so far...but I am avoiding our bedroom!

While I should be done with my Christmas shopping for my kids, I have it set in my mind to get my daughter another present. I should be done...she will have quite a few presents because my sister keeps buying things. So I am going to try to resist getting her a gift cert for a perm. I feel good about where I am with the kids and know they will have a good Christmas. Still have a few things to get for a few people, but those will be small items.

Still managing to stick to the budget. Haven't had to deviate too far from it. Might have to take Socks to the walkin in clinic tomorrow, but it is far less than the normal vet and shouldn't throw us too far off budget.

2 Responses to “Weekend and Christmas Update”

  1. lizajane Says:

    Poor Socks! Do you have any type of vet antibiotic to put on the cut? If it's not deep enough or long enough to need stitches, they might not do much other than antibiotics. I'm no vet, but that's just how we handle ours when they get hurt. For that matter, that's how we handle our own injuries!

  2. North Georgia Gal Says:

    When we called the vet last night he said that they probably wouldn't stitch it because, with a dog bite, the dogs saliva contains so much bacteria(so much for dogs having the cleanest mouths!) and closing the wound might cause the bacteria to grow. We are putting neosporin on it...but now the eye is our biggest concern. Keeping an eye(no pun intended) on that pretty closely.

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