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Thursday November 13

November 13th, 2008 at 06:10 am

Today is off to a good start! I found 4 transactions in my checkk register that had been entered twice, putting another 33.54 back into my balance! Yea! I now have $80 to last until next Friday. Might have to skip breakfast out a few days. I will have to get gas again today.

I forgot about dinner plans with a friend, so that is going to mess up my plan for the day. but on the plus side, 20 almost filled my tank!(with as much running around as I do, it won't last that long, but is cheaper to refuel!)

Dr. Pepper for breakfast 1.44
Gas - 20
dinner - 9.96
Dinner(daughter) 2.96

Total for day = 34.36

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