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Archive for September, 2012

9/7 Payday Two Week Budget

September 4th, 2012 at 11:07 am

Beginning bal in Checking account is $16.52

Paycheck - 936.97
From DS: 180.00
Child Support - 340.00
Half.com - 62.00

Total Income: 1518.97


MIL Loan - 100.00
Gas - 200.00
Student Loan - 53.75
DD Tumbling - 55.00
DD Health Ins - 486.46
Student Loan #2 - 269.53
Groceries - 200.00*
Cell PHone - 148.35
School LUnch - 50.00
Weight Watchers - 42.95
Savings Transfer - 59.00(gas under budget)

* plan to try to get out of the store for $100.

All of this adds up to me being $130 short for the pay period. I really want to transfer the $59 to my online savings account. I can make up the $130 by my gas allowances and my grocery allowances. It is just going to make it tight.

Free Lunch Again

September 4th, 2012 at 06:57 am

We have a meeting at work this morning followed by a lunch outing to celebrate another employee getting a promotion. Not sure where we are going yet, but I am sure that I can deal with where ever we go.

I am having a dilemma. I want to transfer my extra gas money on Friday to my savings account. However, I am short for my expenses this 2 week period. I can make it up with my grocery shopping money. I know the smart thing is to just delete the extra money out of my checking account. But it is nagging at me to transfer the money.

Well I am off to the meeting. Will post my budget for this week's payday later today.

Half.com Listing

September 3rd, 2012 at 01:55 pm

DD cleaned her old bedroom today and came out with a bunch of books she didn't want. I listed them on half.com. I hope some of them sell. I will only let them sit around so long before donating them.

We are having homemade pizza for dinner tonight using hamburger buns and pizza sauce. We also have some pepperoni to put on them. Should be good.

Day 3 and So Far So Good

September 3rd, 2012 at 12:22 pm

Today is day three of our no eating out month and so far we have managed to eat at home every day. It was really hard Friday night because I really wanted to order pizza. But we didn't!

I transferred $30 to my son for the week. I had $59 left in my gas budget for the week and he was running short on gas money. Since I filled up Friday and haven't gone anywhere since, I probably won't have to fill up until Friday. The tank will be lower than I like, but I will survive.

Today was a holiday. I really like not having to get up so early. Back to work tomorrow. Bummer. I got my bedroom cleaned yesterday so now my whole house has been cleaned up. It looks 100% better. There was so much junk everywhere I was embarrassed to have anyone over. Not any more.

I will post my budget for the payday on Friday tomorrow.

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