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Looking Forward....Looking Good

January 3rd, 2014 at 01:57 pm

I am looking pretty good through the month of February right now. Of course things might change. But I can handle it.

I went into TurboTax and entered all my tax information. It says I am getting $1555 back federal and $103 back state. Of course these numbers might change once I actually get the documents to file. But whatever I get I am going to put toward the title loan. I should have it paid off by July. I can't wait! And I will have the hospital bill paid off by May. That is an extra $563 a month! I can't wait to see how much smoother my life goes once I pay off some of this debt.

I called the hospital today to see if they would make a settlement agreement for the balance that is owed. I figured that I have paid $3000 and only have another $800 to go so they should work with me. I was told that since the insurance made an adjustment that the amount wasn't eligible for a discount. That doesn't make any sense. If I didn't pay it and it went to a collection agency, they would make a settlement. UGGHHHH!! The troubles of trying to do the right thing!

1 Responses to “Looking Forward....Looking Good”

  1. snafu Says:

    How is recovery from surgery going? I don't know the history but suggest checking the figures from insurance or if not available contact for an explanation of 'settlement.' When trying to get help from a big institution, you might try moving up the hospital hierarchy to a manager who might listen to the information you collect from insurance.

    How are you doing with CCs and other finances? The sidebar reflects fall. Will you be working on goals for 2014?

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