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Update on DD Health Insurance

March 12th, 2013 at 02:44 pm

Well, BCBS is still dragging their feet on DD's application. I had applied to Aetna but apparently there was an open enrollment period and now she doesn't qualify for a life changing event. I just hope that BCBS gets it act together.

DD had to go to the doctor today. This is the third dr visit for the same thing, but the first with her regular dr. We couldn't get in to see her the first two times. But DD was finally given some antibiotics and some serious cough syrup. She was also given an inhaler for when she is having coughing fits. All in all I spent $165 for the dr visit and the insurance. And $65 for one of the other dr visits. Still less than the $535 the insurance company wanted to continue her coverage. I had $300 set aside for a premium and since that wasn't charged this month it went toward these expenses.

1 Responses to “Update on DD Health Insurance”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Just a couple thoughts, if BCBS doesn't come through: you could essentially self insure, until open enrollment rolls around again with Aetna. Save the money you would be paying to them, and pay DD expenses that route. Of course, if it is catastrophic or above your ability to pay you would need to make payment arrangements. In the end, you may have money in excess of expenses, which could be your beginning emergency fund.

    It already sounds like this is what you did this month, but it's something to think about since it is likely to be less than a year until open enrollment rolls around again.

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