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Net Worth & New Tennis Shoes

November 15th, 2012 at 12:54 pm

I have been spending alot of time cleaning up my Quicken accounts. One of the things it does is calculate your net worth. Right now my net worth is -33857. Most of this is due to a huge student loan bill. My ex husband and I stupidly took money out to live on while I went to a technical school. Of course who knew that we would get divorced and the debt is officially mine. The fact that I haven't paid it for 20 years also compounds the interest. I hope to be able to start paying this after the first of the year.

I bought my first christmas present today. I went into the shoe store to get shoe strings and to look at tennis shoes for me. The pair I have are over 2 years old. Considering that we found them in the street and they cost me nothing I think I have gotten more than my money out of them. But it is time for new ones. I found a pair that will do on sale for $39. While we were there, dd picked out a pair of cute rain boots. They were $24. I told her that I would get them for her but they are part of her Christmas and they have to go under the tree. So I have officially started my christmas shopping.

2 Responses to “Net Worth & New Tennis Shoes”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Walking shoes are important! Do you have a Christmas budget/limit? Do you have a way to track your spending in this area as you go? Will Quicken do that for you?

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