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Day off for X-Ray

October 19th, 2012 at 02:31 pm

I took today off for doctor's appointments. I had an appointment with my psychologist this morning. Then I drove DD to Kennesaw to have an x-ray done of her stomach area. Still trying to figure out why she has such bad stomach pain. Kennesaw is about an hour away. I stopped to fill up my tank half way there for 3.49/gallon. Still took $54 to fill it up. So my gas budget for this week will probably go over. I also had to pay a $35 co pay at the clinic.

Today was payday but everything has already been allocated. So I have nothing to do. We are going to go to the grocery store tomorrow. I was hoping to spend less that $50. But the list is kind of long so it will probably be closer to the $100 I have budgeted for it.

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