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Grocery Store Fill In

October 14th, 2012 at 03:33 pm

Went to the grocery store just to get oj to last until next Friday. I also picked up some milk for my sister. She usually gives me the cash when I deliver it but she didn't give me the cash this time. I know she is struggling right now.

My sister is on disability and never opens her mail. It is spread out on the floor of her apartment. Apparently she was sent a letter in July to renew her doctors statement for her disability. She never got it. So she didn't get the $3000 deposited into her account in September or October. She just discovered it. I would have missed it the day it was supposed to be deposited. She just doesn't keep up with things like that. It is very frustrating. I think she needs to see a psychologist but I doubt she would go.

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